Hair treatment brand, KIT & COCO, launches in UK following success in mainland Europe


Specialist in happy hair, KIT & COCO, is launching its head lice and nits (eggs) treatment and prevention range to the UK market – the new fast, fun and 100 per cent effective way to tackle head lice and nits.

In a category dominated by potent chemical ingredients and clinical packaging, this exclusive new range has been developed using highly effective plant-based ingredients with the 45-minute treatment scientifically proven to be 100% effective against lice and nits.

The KIT & COCO product range has been designed specifically to capture the imagination of kids. Right from the lovable KIT &COCO characters which add fun and take the stigma out of head lice, to the stylish accessories (designed for boys and girls) and the little surprise ‘treat’ to be found in KIT & COCO’s treatment kits.


The range:

The KIT & COCO range consists of four products:

Complete Treatment Kit

Containing everything you need to combat head lice and nits, including four treatment shampoos, gentle ergonomic nit comb, applicator brush, protective shower cap and a surprise treat for little ones (making the whole experience just a little more enjoyable).

RRP: £15.75

Refill Pack

A cost effective and handy refill pack of four treatment shampoos for those who already have the treatment kit.

RRP: £10.75

Protective Spray & Headband

A 24-hour protective spray with a stylish headband accessory.

RRP: £12.50

Protective & Hydrating Mousse

A protective mousse which protects and nourishes little heads for up to 24-hours.

RRP: £9.50

How it works:

KIT & COCO’s treatments work by clogging the respiratory system of head lice and nits, essentially asphyxiating them. This mode of action makes it very difficult for lice to develop a resistance to the treatment and has been proven 100% effective. None of the products in the KIT & COCO range contain silicone, parabens, alcohol or insecticide, ensuring they fit naturally into daily life, whilst being fun for kids and easy for parents.

Naturally effective:

From the start, KIT & COCO researchers have been dedicated to using plant based ingredients to get rid of head lice and nits. The result of their work is a range of highly efficient products containing best-in-class ingredients.  All active ingredients in the KIT &COCO range are plant based and include coconut oil and botanic oil.

Discovery package:

The KIT & COCO Discovery Package is ideal for retailers to introduce the range to their customers. It includes two fun point-of-sale displays, designed with the lovable KIT & COCO characters in mind, to hold six complete treatment kits (blue) and six spray packs and six mousse packs (green).

In addition, the package includes two creative shelf wobblers of the KIT & COCO characters, window stickers and fifty leaflets which communicate the directions of use.

First developed in France by Evergreen Land Ltd. who specialise in plant-based health and well-being products, the KIT & COCO range has successfully established its presence throughout France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.  In the UK, the KIT &COCO range is distributed by This Earth Limited who are positioned to replicate the success seen in other markets.

Jamie Webb, founder of this Earth Limited and sole distributor for U.K., KIT & COCO, said: “We’re delighted to be launching the KIT & COCO brand in the U.K. Understanding the importance of removing the stigma and inconvenience head lice presents for the whole family, our supplier has developed a fuss-free, effective and compelling solution. From the KIT & COCO characters to surprise treats, our new range isn’t just 100% effective in fighting off nits and lice, but it’s actually fun for kids and stress free for parents.

“It’s also an exciting time for This Earth. KIT & COCO marks the brand’s entrance into the U.K. and we have several innovative natural lifestyle products in the pipeline.”

The KIT & COCO range is available to retailers now in time for its official U.K. launch in March 2016. The launch of the range is supported by an initial European marketing spend in excess of £150,000.