Over half of Brits visit the bathroom to escape their partner and children, Bathrooms.com reveals


Research from Bathrooms.com has revealed that the nation is taking refuge in the bathroom to get away from their children, partner and hectic lives, and enjoy a dose of ‘me time’. Only one in five Brits manage to run a bath each day, and 73% see it more of a treat than a daily ritual.

When Brits have time to run a bath, 6% enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine, and 14% read a book for the ultimate bath-time treat. In addition, 19% use the bathroom to unwind from work pressures and social plans, whilst over half (51%) said soaking in a bath is a relaxing experience that helps to wash away stress caused by their loved ones.

When it comes to bathing vs. showering, 72% of Brits admit to showering daily, over running a bath. When asked to elaborate on their preference, the survey found that nearly half (48%) felt showering was more refreshing and helped them to wake up. Whilst 41% prefer a shower because it’s quicker, 10% admitted it was easier to clean.  When asked if they had more time would they choose to run a bath, over half (52%) said no.

To mark the release of the survey findings, Bathrooms.com has created a Bathtime report (www.bathrooms.com/bathtime), which showcases how showering is more practical, faster and popular in today’s society.

Ian Monk, CEO at Bathrooms.com, said: “Admittedly running a bath helps you to relax after a long day and unsurprisingly 73% of the nation agree. Whether you prefer to shower or bath, the bathroom has always been a room in the home that allows one to have personal space, whether that’s away from day to day stress, or for some people their other half. It is therefore not surprising that year-on-year sales of showers at Bathrooms.com are up 80% whilst bath sales are relatively flat.”

Bathroom trends

Bathroom trends