Half of all perfume sales happen in November and December, MBNA research reveals

Forty nine per cent of all perfume sales in the UK happen in November and December, making it a top pick at Christmas.

But what motivates Brits to buy scents at Christmas? MBNA’s research into what makes the perfume industry smell the sweet scent of success includes a survey with YouGov.

The survey finds:

  • 40% of fragrances bought as gifts are purchased just a week before the event indicating they are somewhat “last minute” gifts
  • 51% of men buy perfume the week before, while among women the figure was lower at 27%
  • 24% of people don’t know the name of their partners’ preferred fragrance
  • 36% of men are guilty of this, whereas only 13% of women don’t know this
  • 70% of those who have been in a relationship have purchased a fragrance for their partner as a gift
  • It’s still a more “impulse buy” – only 24% say they researched their perfume choice online before making a purchase
  • It would appear perfume is a “safe gift” – 72% of people like getting it as a gift

MBNA has put together more research on British shoppers’ relationship with perfume, including the cost breakdown of perfume production.