Hasbro and Lego lead e-commerce race for best-selling toys and games approaching Christmas season, Profitero reports


In the run-up to the vital Christmas and holiday season, Hasbro has overtaken Lego to become the leading brand in the Amazon UK best-selling toys & games category, according to research from global ecommerce analytics firm Profitero.

Hasbro now has more products (seven) than any other brand in the UK top 100 (Sep 2016), more than double the three it had in the same month last year (Sep 2015); Lego now has six, down from 17. However, Lego has strengthened its position in the equivalent US list, and is now the leading toy brand there with 11 products in the US top 100.


The Profitero analysis compares Amazon UK and US sales data year-on-year between September 2015 and September 2016 across key categories that traditionally spike in sales in the lead-up to Christmas and the US holiday season, such as electronics, toys & games and small appliances. Each day, Profitero measures sales of more than 2 million products on Amazon UK, and almost 5 million on Amazon US.

The no.1 best-selling product in toys & games in both the UK and the US is Cards Against Humanity.

Profitero UK strategy & insights director Andrew Pearl explains: “It’s no coincidence the leading products really engage shoppers online. The top three products in toys & games receive more than five times the number of reviews on Amazon than the rest of the category put together. Product reviews are a key driver to success in this sector, with three out of four consumers reading them before making an online purchase.”

In the electronics category, Amazon (20 products) and Duracell (14) dominate the Amazon UK best-sellers list, between them accounting for more than one-in-three of the category’s top 100 products. Amazon alone commands the US list, with 31 of the top 100 electronics products; Fujifilm (8) is a distant runner-up. The single best-selling electronics product on both Amazon UK and Amazon US is its own Fire TV Stick.

In the small appliances category, no single brand dominates, with the leading names closely bunched in the list of best sellers. Also, online shoppers for small appliances tend to prefer local brands. In the UK, Russell Hobbs (8), Breville (6), Vax (6) and Philips (5) have the most products in the category’s top 100, while in the US, local brands Hamilton Beach (15), Cuisinart (9) and Black & Decker (7) are currently the most popular.

Pearl again: “In competitive categories such as electronics and small appliances, it’s vital for brands to closely monitor their performance on the digital shelf. Understanding keyword search terms drives improved search performance. Brands can double the number of page views their products receive by including keywords in product titles and descriptions.

“Brands should also use sentiment analysis of product reviews left by online shoppers. The language can be fed back into product titles and descriptions to further improve search performance and sales.”

Further monthly Amazon FastMovers 100 reports from Profitero are available for download at: https://goo.gl/sMx5g1