Hayes Garden World releases report promoting meat-free BBQs


Cumbrian-based garden centre Hayes Garden World has released a shocking report as part of their campaign to promote meat-free BBQing to its customers this ahead of the bank holiday weekend.

The retailer has investigated BBQ meat consumption in the UK to understand Brit’s BBQ meat-eating habits. The report findings have been presented in striking graphics and published in an online guide to encourage customers to explore different cuisines on the BBQ (view here).

Using research from sources including the Kantar annual supermarket report, the retailer calculated that in 2018 over 165,000 cows were slaughtered to make BBQ meat JUST for the summer months in the UK – that’s enough cows to fill Wembley Stadium NINE TIMES. 

Research also revealed that from June to September 2018, 36,876,000 kg of meat was eaten on the BBQ which is the equivalent weight of THREE Eiffel towers. 

325 MILLION burgers were also bought in this period, which laid side by side equals almost the circumference of the earth. This cost Brits a shocking £211M pounds, which could buy over 3 islands in the Bahamas. 

The national BBQ retailer investigated the nation’s BBQ meat habits and unveiled these calculations as part of their campaign to encourage more people to swap their BBQ for a VVQ (Vegan & Vegetarian Quisines) this summer.

Studies show that 1 in 3 BBQ guests are likely to opt-out of eating meat, meaning that a BBQ of ten people is likely to have at least 3 vegetarian or vegan guests to cater for.  

As well as the health benefits of hosting a VVQ, there are also positive environmental impacts. Hayes Garden World’s calculations have revealed that with the resources needed to raise 1 cow you could produce 27,440 soy burgers instead. This means for every 4 meat burgers, the same resources could make 28 ears of corn or 14 soy burgers, feeding over triple the number of guests at the BBQ for a greener choice.

The calculations also demonstrate how soy burgers are more resourceful than beef burgers. 

If the resource for the 41,000 cows that were used for BBQ meat in 2018 was used to produce soy burgers instead, then last year we could have made 1,125,040,000 soy burgers. Brits are estimated to have 168.3 million BBQs this year and if we estimate that Brits continue to have this many BBQs for years to come, then the number of soy burgers above is enough to cater to over 6.5 years of summer BBQs – if everyone was to go meat-free.

Hayes Garden World have created a thought-provoking report complete with graphics to illustrate the positives of making vegan and vegetarian choices this summer – view the report here

Given the countless benefits of switching a BBQ to a VVQ, the BBQ retailer has also created a Knowledge Hub full of unique vegan and veggie recipes from professional chefs and their own creative customers. A competition is also underway which invites members of the public to submit their own VVQ concoctions to win a luxury barbecue – entrants can find out more via the retailers’ Facebook page. 

Commenting on the figures, Lyndan Orvis, Ecommerce Manager at Hayes Garden World, said: “BBQs are a summer event that many households look forward to as a chance to spend time with friends and family, enjoy good food and soak up the summer sun.”

“However, the figures are surprising and show that, whilst many of us enjoy eating meat on the BBQ, it could be more resourceful and also healthier to try swapping some BBQ products for meat-free alternatives.”

“BBQs are essential summer events, so it’s good to see that there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options on the high street to ensure that everyone can get involved, regardless of their dietary preferences. It’s good to see that the BBQ experience can still be enjoyed without meat products.”