Heal’s sees online traffic soar in 2020


Furniture retailer Heal’s had seen a huge transformation in its website’s traffic. In the first quarter of 2020 natural search traffic had been down on the previous year by as much as 40%. Just six months later and this position was completely reversed with growth of over 50%, representing a positive swing of more than 90%. Whilst some of this growth came from an increase in market search volume due to the lockdown, most came from higher visibility on, and better rankings with Google.

According to David Kohn, Heal’s customer & e-commerce director, a replatforming in 2015 meant Heal’s lost lots of natural search traffic.

The next few years saw Heal’s recover much of this traffic through a series of initiatives, but in the latter half of 2019 things went into reverse again. With organic traffic falling Heal’s decided to take a new direction.

The new direction saw Heal’s move away from its existing SEO agency and enlist the services of a search engine optimisation growth advisor and consultant, Amine Dahimene.

Dahimene says: “We took a four-pronged approach to improving Heal’s organic traffic. This involved tidying up the website structure, creating clearer indexation policy, focusing on web content and targeting customer intent more effectively.”

All activities were prioritised based on rigorous analysis of the search market and where the greatest opportunities could be found for Heal’s to improve its rankings and traffic.

Alongside the specific SEO initiatives Heal’s also put significant effort into improving its online user experience. A range of initiatives were launched including rehosting the website to improve speed on mobile devices and desktop, a site redesign to keep the site fresh and in line with Heal’s brand values and the introduction of a new, more reliable payment gateway. Heal’s also built on its existing relationships with innovative technology suppliers such as the augmented reality platform Cylindo, and the store-based live chat solution Hero.

The combination of SEO and user-experience initiatives meant that when users did start coming to the Heal’s website in greater numbers, a larger proportion were likely to engage with the site and convert.

According to SimilarWeb, almost 55% of all Heal’s traffic now originates from search, where paid advertising makes up the rest. The company is now ranking in top positions for more keywords than ever before. Similarly, search rankings for non-branded terms have seen a massive spike.