Healthiest plant-based burger to launch into Planet Organic and The Vegan Kind


Heura, the Spanish plant-based meat brand, is launching its burger into Planet Organic and online at The Vegan Kind. Boasting 85.6% less saturated fat than beef, and with 11.3% more protein per calorie, the burger offers consumers choice without compromise. The brand puts Mediterranean culture at its heart, and the new burger is the first and only plant-based burger to use extra virgin olive oil which brings its rich flavour and health benefits.

By creating their own ‘fat-analogue’ using extra virgin olive oil, Heura is able to serve up a burger full of the same texture and juiciness consumers know and love but with health credentials and a clean label containing 40% fewer ingredients than the market average. Heura’s new burger is the healthiest on the market, containing 64.25% less fat than a traditional beef burger[1], 85.6% less saturated fat than beef, and has 11.3% more protein per calorie. Meaning you can enjoy the deliciously juicy experience of an animal burger with only 6.5 grams of fat.

The burger also offers consumers a sustainable choice. By creating a low-fat product which uses 93% less crop land, produces 96.5% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and uses 99.5% less water the new burger offers a sustainable solution to the issues created by other plant-based meat alternatives. 

Marc Coloma, co-founder and CEO of Heura, said: “Accelerating the protein transition is my passion and it is in technology where I find solutions. Pioneers in the plant-based industry have always been our inspiration and we hope that this innovation boosts the plant-based meat category worldwide and leaves livestock obsolete.”

With growth of 460% in the last year, Heura is the fastest-growing 100% plant-based meat company in Europe. The brand aims to accelerate the protein transition by providing healthy, clean, and accessible products for those who want an ethical and sustainable alternative to meat.