Healthy and eco-friendly Milliways Super Natural Gum set to shake up the category


UK start-up Milliways is a next generation confectionery business that provides healthy and natural alternatives to everyday snacks. The first product to be launched by the brand is its range of Super Natural Gum to rival conventional chewing gum brands – a plant-based, sugar-free and plastic-free chewing gum, is also competitively priced.  

Health and environmentally-conscious consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that traditional chewing gum consumed off the shelves means that they’re chewing on plastic and chemical-based substances, which can cause severe consequences to their health and the environment. Composed of plastic gum base, aspartame and sucralose, to mention a few ingredients, it’s been evidenced that traditional gum may have harmful effects when chewed and absorbed by the body. To add to this, the single-use, non-biodegradable base makes it difficult to dispose of afterwards as it stays on earth forever as plastic, thus polluting the land and oceans. The UK government spends approximately £60 million per year removing chewing gum from public surfaces. 

Milliways Super Natural Gum provides an alternative to synthetic chewing gum without compromising on taste and texture. The recipe is carefully selected in order to make this possible using just eight ingredients – sapodilla tree chicle sap, natural flavours, xylitol, stevia, gum arabic, vegetable glycerine, magnesium stearate and carnauba wax (which is ethically and sustainably sourced). Because it’s made of plant-based ingredients, the gum is biodegradable and healthier to consume than traditional gum. 

Milliways was founded as they realised that the chewing gum offerings on the shelves haven’t changed in decades, and none of those offerings provided consumers with a healthy or natural choice of gum. Milliways decided to capture the opportunity by providing health-oriented, innovative products that deliver when it comes to quality, affordability and desirability as a new and exciting brand. 

The global chewing gum market is projected to reach $39 billion by 2027, and when you combine this with the growing desire for consumers to replace their everyday consumption choices with healthier and natural alternatives, there is an incredible opportunity for challenger brands like Milliways to become a relevant part of the market. 

Milliways Super Natural Gum is available in three flavours; Mighty Mint, Peppermint Power and Watermelon Wonder, with an RRP of £12 for a 12 pack.