Healthy baking category sees massive growth, finds Food Thoughts

Food Thoughts, the premium chocolate baking ingredients brand, has seen double digit growth in its Cacao products, with sales of its Cacao powder alone increasing by 30% yoy.

Although Great British Bake Off continues to drive a national trend for baking, the home baking category is currently in decline with the value of the home baking market slipping1.7% to £694.8m.

Healthy baking, however, is bucking this trend as the nation looks to add ingredients with functional health benefits to their bakes, making them a healthier, less guilty option. Products such as Cacao nibs and Cacao powder are rising in popularity as people are recognising the health benefits of such foods, which can be easily swapped in for more traditional items.

With everyone in the healthy living foodie community from Gwyneth Paltrow to Deliciously Ella extolling the virtues of Cacao, bakers are finding it easier to understand and use alternative ‘healthier’ ingredients in more traditional bakes.

Donna Chappelle from Food Thoughts says: “At Food Thoughts we’ve focused on producing premium, on-trend, chocolate ingredients for people passionate about baking. Cacao products in general are doing well largely because they offer a healthier alternative for baking but still deliver a great, intense chocolatey taste. Food Thoughts Cacao powder and Cacao Nibs are both natural sources of flavanols, antioxidants, fibre, protein and so much more – busting the guilt factor of baking with chocolate. Our Cacao Powder has no added sugar while our Cacao Nibs and 100% Cacao Melts are naturally sugar free allowing people to add sugar or sweeteners to their recipes to their own personal taste and health preferences. More traditional cocoa powders and cooking chocolates already have sugar added to them which removes this flexibility for consumers.”

Natural Cacao is rich in magnesium, has more calcium than cow’s milk and 50 times more vitamin C than blueberries  (

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