Healthy ideas trialled in Shell service stations for future roll out potential

Healthy snacks, produced and packaged by Peterborough-based Delicious Ideas Food Group (DIFG), are for the first time being trialled in selected Shell service stations in Germany.

Housed in neat little ‘street market’ carts, three of DIFG’s healthy grab ‘n’ go snack bags feature in prominent positions on racks in central locations within the Shell service stations.

Says CEO of DIFG, Jonathan Potter, ‘Healthier snacking in the UK is on the rise, and we’ve been producing healthy options at our BRC AA certificated packaging factory in Peterborough for many years, so getting a foothold in Europe feels timely.

“Our recent research has shown that similar trends are emerging outside the UK right  now, and we’re working closely with the managing director of Go Foods, Tommy Barbé, who also feels that this is the opportune moment to start building European inroads with some of our healthier snacking options. What we’re hoping for is strong uptake, good sales, and subsequent expansion.”

If the trial goes well and Shell consumers enjoy the selected snacks as much as the British do, executives at Delicious Ideas and Go Foods anticipate a wider rollout of the products on the in-store carts within the next year.’

Tommy Barbé, managing director of Go Foods, said: “It’s the ideal time to trial this particular range. consumers are looking for new snacking options, not just confectionery sugar fixes, and these products fit the bill. Even so, because customers will be seeing these brands for the first time, it’s important to introduce them to what’s on offer, and so we have decided to supply free samples on the side of the cart.

“This small investment is the best way to show people how good these snacks are. As with the UK, in general food trends are changing, and trending towards fruit and nut based and vegan and vegetarian produce. We’ve timed this initiative to meet the changing mood, and it will be good to see what happens. These selected stores is a good start, but there are more than a thousand in total, and it would be great to get into all of them.

“At Go Foods, “healthier snacking” is the company’s credo, and we are always looking for products that meet trending consumer needs in terms of both taste and health benefits. With innovative products and flavours, as well as single-serve packaging, snack shots, and controlled calorie intake, the aim is to set new impulse buys that meet the demand for healthier food on the go, in Germany and further afield. DIFG’s Ideas snacks meet that aim, and we’re keen to see what happens next.”