Healthy snacking start-up, Mindful Snacker, debuts range of ‘better for you’ crisps

This summer, Simply Roasted will shake up the snacking aisle with its new range of Better For You crisps, created in Norfolk using a patented roasting process costing over £20 million and developed over a 10-year period.

This breakthrough technology has produced a great-tasting but healthier snack – always roasted and never fried, making it the only roasted potato crisp on the market, using a simple, whole slice of potato – offering all the taste, crunch and satisfaction of a traditional fried crisp but with 50 percent less fat, significantly less salt and only 99 calories (per serving). With all-natural ingredients, minimal processing and no additives, Simply Roasted is the ultimate indulgent food snack, with the finished skin-on, thick-cut, product delivering crunch, mouthfeel, texture, taste and satiety. 

The brand new crisp manufacturing process behind Simply Roasted is the result of ten years of hard work and innovation, culminating in the creation of a patented multi-step preparation and cooking system that is completely new to the market. In comparison with traditional crisp making, which involves frying in oil at high temperatures, Simply Roasted uses fresh, whole potatoes that then go through three stages of crisp cooking processes. Never baked or fried, simply roasted, the end product is a skin-on crisp that is as close to a traditional fried crisp as you can get, without compromising on nutritional value.

The brand is launching with a collection of moreish and on trend flavours including: Sea Salt, Mature Cheddar & Red Onion, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar and Black Truffle, with an exciting extended range to follow – sure to pique any flavour hunters’ interest – to include Korean BBQ, Katsu Curry and Thai Green Curry.

There will also be a ‘Naked’ flavour available, championing the fact that Simply Roasted uses 100% premium UK potatoes, locally sourced and simply sliced, that are simply delicious on their own.  Simple pleasures made simple again.

Simply Roasted is the first product to be launched from the new snacking brand Mindful Snacker. The all-female team brings over 30 years of experience in the development and marketing of snack brands to the table, led by marketing director Ruth Fittock, (previously Popchips) and RTM lead Nat Cooper, (previously Vita Coco).  

Mindful Snacker is backed by Venture Management Specialists Pilot Lite Group, which significantly reduces the risk normally associated with a Start-Up. This financial and Commercial support means that the team can viably discuss larger-scale in-store marketing and POS support for retailers to ramp up sales activity very early in the buying process.   

Simply Roasted is the first, but by no means the last innovative food product that Pilot Lite Group will introduce through its Mindful Snacker brand. Later this year, Mindful Snacker will launch The Simple Root, a range plant-based dips, cheeses and sauces produced with another transformational food processing technology. 

Fittock said: “Our aim is to provide delicious better-for-you snacks that bring the pleasure back to snacking. We focus on all natural ingredients that you recognise, minimal processing, no additives, we’re conscious of salt content, but ultimately we are driven by taste – everything we do is delicious, we’re obsessed with flavour and quality. Whilst taste will always be the number one factor, we have seen health increasingly become a driver of indulgent comfort food sales during the pandemic, and we’ve responded to that. The pandemic has made little joys of the everyday, such as snacking, more important to us than ever before, so what if there was a better way to enjoy what you love without the added worry of your health; namely fat, salt and calories? We want to be the future of snacking.”

Mike Anstey, CEO of Pilot Lite Group, said: “Mindful Snacker is going to be one of the most positive disruptive brands in the snack market in 2021, and Simply Roasted – its first product launch – is a true game changer.  We are delighted to be working with some of the best experts in this field: this is a team with serious taste!”

Simply Roasted will be available in June 2021, the grab and go and share bags will be available online via Amazon and the Simply Roasted website. Impulse bags are priced at £1.19, while share bags are £2.29.