HelloFresh reveals the dopamine superfoods that will kick start your new year

In January 2021 around 130,000 signed up to Dry January and committed to have one month off alcohol.

To support those who fancy a booze-free January, the UK’s number one meal kit, HelloFresh UK has researched which mood boosting foods can best support you during January and ensure you reap the full benefits of your detox. 

After analysing Dry January search data from last year, HelloFresh expects there to be even more Brits partaking in Dry January in 2022. Monthly searches for ‘Dry January 2021’ increased by 1,300% in December 2020 and there are currently 1,000 average monthly searches for ‘Dry January benefits’.

ChocolateBeef liverChicken
Cottage cheeseBroccoliChocolate
DuckBrown riceCottage cheese
Low fat cheesesOatsGranola
WalnutsPotatoLive yogurt
Wheat germSpinach 
Wild game  

A 2015 US study led by Rory Fisher, Ph.D, Professor of Pharmacology in the UI Carver College of Medicine, found that protein can help curb cravings. Inspired by the study, HelloFresh found that protein sources high in omega-3, such as salmon, have been proven to boost mood, perfect to support you through Dry January. 

A popular salmon recipe to try this January is salmon en croute, salmon that is wrapped in flakey pastry and can be served alongside a delicious salad containing other foods that can help reduce your desire to drink, such as avocado and spinach. It’s a little known fact that adding more salmon to your diet is a fantastic way to boost your nail growth too. Salmon is rich in both protein and vitamin D, which improves the growth of nails by promoting your body’s collagen production. 

Other foods include green vegetables such as broccoli and asparagus that contain vitamin B and have been shown to have a direct impact on energy levels and metabolism, ideal for those looking to improve their wellbeing in the new year. They also contain a lot of fiber which helps your body maintain a stable blood sugar level. 

According to studies, asparagus also has added skin benefits, due to its ability to reduce collagen loss and help prevent signs of aging. As a rich source of vitamins C and A, as well as a compound called glutathione, asparagus can hydrate your skin like no other veg can!

HelloFresh recipe development manager Mimi Morley said: “We’ve delicious meals on our menu that are perfect for those looking to switch to a more balanced approach after some festive indulgence. From leafy greens to protein packed dinners, there is a great way to discover new nutritious dishes this January.”

You can take a look at other foods and recipes to try this Dry January on the HelloFresh website.