Hermes launches new fleet livery with ‘The Parcel People’ strapline


Hermes, the UK’s leading consumer delivery specialist, has re-liveried its fleet of vehicles for the first time since 2010, with a new strapline “The Parcel People’ and a design to reflect the company’s C2C focus. Phase one of the implementation will see the new livery applied across 292 vehicles/trailers nationwide.

The design uses a simple illustrative style to support the branding on the livery and also clarifies the range of services that the company offers in very simple terms, with the words ‘Send, Receive, Return Parcels’ featured prominently down the side of the vehicles. The rear side focuses on Hermes’ ParcelShop service and highlights the new ‘Pay and Print in Store’ (label) offering.

For many years the Hermes vehicle livery had been a simple reproduction of the logo with the strapline “Delivery Made Easy.” As Hermes is traditionally a B2B company, this fitted with the business’s approach. However, last year Hermes decided to evolve its positioning from a B2B brand to a more consumer-led organisation.

Matthew Hanson, head of marketing and product, was responsible for the project. Hanson said: “We wanted the new livery to reflect a change of focus for Hermes from purely B2B towards the end consumer and to clarify our range of services for them, as our research showed that our brand awareness was not aligned with our market share. To do this, we wanted to show the human side of the business and this is reflected in our new strapline – The Parcel People. We understand the people that use our service and employ local, like-minded individuals who can deliver a knowledgeable and friendly service.”