High heels are not dead, they are just having a rest, says Dune London


It is true, that almost a year of the pandemic has reduced consumers appetite for high heels and dressier styles in favour of flats and trainers.

However, the vaccine is providing a light at the end of the tunnel and as such women will once again have a desire to dress up – heels are a huge part of looking and feeling good!

Debra Bloom, global buying director at Dune London, said: “Once we’re feeling the benefits of the vaccine and lockdown is over, everyone is going to want to go out to events and parties and get dressed up!”

Dune London is not rejecting high heels from their SS21 range but embracing the feeling of future positivity by including some special, dressy and occasion pieces in the collection.

Although Dune London offers a broad range of casual and trend led pieces, such as last summer’s coveted sell out Dad sandal Lockstock, Bloom commented that: “We are also a brand known for our incredible going out product and attention to detail in our handwriting.

“I think most retailers are going to go with an ‘only flat and trainers push’ but we will stay true to our heritage and continue to offer a special collection of heels for summer.

“We have a range of occasion shoes going out to limited stores from April onwards. It is a smaller mix than normal, but we saw demand even through lockdown 2020 for special shoes. At Dune London we want to get people excited to get dressed up again!!”

So, high heels are not dead, they are merely resting.  Women will always have an appetite for special shoes in their wardrobes and Dune London fully embraces this sentiment!