Hispanics still favour buying brands in personal care

Hispanic shoppers in the US are still buying branded personal care products in spite of the economic downturn when consumers tend to opt for less-expensive products in order to save money, according to new research from Mintel.

It found lower-income, Spanish-dominant Hispanics are buying name brand personal care products at a higher rate than their English-dominant counterparts.

Sixty-four percent of Hispanics surveyed who have an income of $25,000-$49,999 say they still buy name brand body soaps or shower gels. Meanwhile, 64% of Spanish-dominant Hispanics, compared to 58% of English-dominant Hispanics, say they continue to buy name brand body soaps or shower gels despite the economic downturn.

“Spanish-dominant Hispanics are most likely to stick to their favourite brand of hand soap, body soap and shower gel, signifying that less acculturated Hispanics remain loyal to the same brand despite the economy,” said Leylha Ahuile, senior multicultural analyst at Mintel. “English-dominant Hispanics tend to have higher household incomes and apparently are less concerned with brand name soaps and more focused on saving money.”

Spanish-dominant consumers are also more likely to stick to their favourite name brand lotions (51% vs. 35% of English-dominant consumers), facial cleansers (27% vs. 20% of English-dominant consumers) and toothpaste or mouthwash (69% vs. 65% of English-dominant consumers), refusing to trade down to more affordable private label personal care products.

“In spite of Hispanics’ lower-than-average household income level, they indexed higher than non-Hispanics in the consumption of personal care products in 2009,” said Ahuile. “Over the last six years, Hispanics have consistently increased their spending on personal care products. And, within personal care, Hispanics index higher than non-Hispanics in the subcategories of haircare products and bath products.”

However, lower-income Hispanics are still interested in saving a few dollars with multifunctional products — 65% of those who earn $25,000-$49,999 are interested in two-in-one shampoo/conditioner and 83% would be more inclined to purchase toothpaste that can also serve as a mouthwash and whitener.