Holland & Barrett inspires shoppers to find ways to fit wellness into their day with ‘Wellness for All’


Holland & Barrett’s purpose is to make health and wellness a way of life for everyone, and with the nation slowly coming out of lockdown and summer nearly upon us, people are turning their focus to wellness more than ever before. That’s why Holland & Barrett is hoping to inspire people with simple and enjoyable ways to add wellness to their day with their brand new marketing campaign launching this week.

Data from Public Health England shows that seven in 10 adults have been motivated to improve their health and wellness since the pandemic. The top changes people are looking to make are eating more healthily (40%), exercising more (41%) and losing weight (39%). Designed to help customers find solutions that work for them, the marketing campaign is set to drive reappraisal of Holland & Barrett and also category growth, positioning the brand as the high street’s wellness retailer of choice through the breadth of range and advice from the retailer’s trained colleagues.

The TVC ‘One Morning’ depicts a cross section of busy people’s lives as they seamlessly fit wellness into their morning routines. Launching today on TV and VOD, the ad heroes Holland & Barrett customer favourites such as Manuka honey, Vitamin D, protein shakes, and nuts and seeds.

Lara Purcell, marketing director, Holland & Barrett, said: “Wellness is a highly competitive market, but as a brand with over 150 years of expertise, we see potential for growth by broadening our appeal to a new and wider range of customers who are more interested in looking after their and their family’s health than ever before.  

We want to show how simple it is to make that first positive step towards looking after yourself, and how easily wellness can fit into everyday life. Whatever our life stage or circumstances, there are lots of little ways we can all be a bit healthier – and what better time to start than our morning routines?”

The marketing campaign will roll out across TV and VOD formats and will run for a month. Holland & Barrett has also partnered with mother of two, and health and fitness enthusiast and influencer Vogue Williams. The major marketing drive also includes POS, social, PR and digital marketing support. Media planning and execution has been carried out by Carat.