Holland & Barrett outlines plan to use less plastics in its popular vitamins packaging


Holland and Barrett has announced plans to save 200 tonnes of plastic each year following a review of its own brand vitamin range.

As part of its commitment to creating a sustainable business, the health and wellness retailer is reducing the weight of all its own brand vitamin bottles, so they contain 20% less plastic, introducing new, smaller bottle sizes and only using plastic that contains a minimum of 80% recycled material. In addition, the plastic wrapping on caps will be removed and despite already using PET, the most widely recycled plastic globally, they are also reducing the colour levels in the bottles so the plastic can be reused in more ways when recycled.

The company has long been a leader in sustainability having previously been the first UK retailer to ban plastic bags in stores in 2012 and the use of microplastics in products, the sales of wet wipes and most recently, it banned the sale of single-use beauty sheet masks.

Geraldine Waterton, head of brand management at Holland & Barrett, said: “We know sustainability is a really important topic for our customers, and we are continually looking at ways we can reduce our impact on the environment. We are introducing our new packaging over the next 12 months and in doing so will be saving over 200 tonnes of plastic, while also making sure our bottles are easily recycled at home.” 

The new packaging is in store from October 2021, starting is Holland & Barrett’s popular immunity and Vitamin D ranges.