Holland & Barrett to sell Beet It organic, energy drink

Beet It: organic, stamina shot

Beet It Stamina Shot, claimed to be the world’s first organic energy drink, has gone on sale in Holland & Barrett stores.

Produced by James White Drinks, Beet It is a beetroot-based drink, available in a 7cl shot.

According to the company, research has revealed beetroot juice can boost stamina by up to 16% and has sparked a nutritional revolution in the sporting world with beetroot juice becoming the essential performance enhancer for sports professionals.

Lawrence Mallinson, managing director of James White Drinks, said: “How do we know? Because we supply some of the country’s top sporting professionals directly.”

Holland & Barrett’s head of food, Stephen Cook, said: “Sales of beetroot juice have increased on the high street as customers become ever more knowledgeable about how the food you eat can affect your body’s performance.”

The latest research, from the University of Exeter, and headed by leading sports scientist Professor Andy Jones, revealed how beetroot juice’s high level of dietary nitrate turns to nitric oxide in the body, leading to a reduction in oxygen uptake and making exercise less tiring.

Now available in a performance-enhancing shot, Beet It delivers a 25cl boost of beetroot juice – the amount used in recent research studies – in just 7cl.

The Beet It Stamina Shot is made with concentrated organic beetroot juice with lemon juice added to counter the natural sweetness.

Beet It Stamina Shot is on sale at 567 Holland & Barrett stores and online at www.hollandandbarrett.com and priced at £1.79.