Holland’s adds Steak & GUINNESS Pastry Topped Pie and Steak & GUINNESS Pudding

New pieces

New pies

A meeting of masters, Holland’s, one of the UK’s best-known producers of pies and pastries for over 160 years, and GUINNESS, the number one stout in the world, have joined forces to bring fans of its original Steak & GUINNESS Pie, which launched earlier this year, two new Steak & GUINNESS creations; new Steak & GUINNESS Pastry Topped Pie and new Steak & GUINNESS Pudding. The exceptional craft of Holland’s bakers and year’s of traditional cooking techniques has been used throughout the creation of this incomparable range.

Available to enjoy at home, this unique range features the finest ingredients – with the unmistakable taste of GUINNESS beer.  The Steak & GUINNESS Pastry Topped Pie offers slow cooked tender prime steak in a rich GUINNESSbeer gravy, with carrots, parsnips, leeks and mushrooms; topped with a flaky pastry lid.

The Steak & GUINNESS Pudding features slow cooked prime steak, in a rich gravy infused with GUINNESS beer and steamed in Holland’s unique pastry case. Holland’s wealth of knowledge and years of tradition have been used throughout the creation and cooking process to ensure the  final taste is pure perfection, with the distinctive taste of GUINNESS beer.

Available in frozen two-packs, these two new Steak & GUINNESS creations are a first-class treat. Frozen within hours of being made, for sealed in freshness and locked in flavour, this range is super convenient as its simple to prepare and both the pie and pudding can be microwaved in just five minutes from frozen. Available nationwide in all good retailers, from September, priced at £2.50 RRP.

David Girdler, spokesperson for Holland’s, said: “We wanted to create a new range of pies offering something new and different to the frozen pie category, this latest, exciting collaboration with GUINNESS does just that. Not only are we offering our customers a traditional quality range of pies and puddings, with the modern twist of being able to microwave from frozen, we are pairing that with the distinct unrivalled flavour of GUINNESS beer.”

The Holland’s Steak & GUINNESS Pie, launched earlier this year, offers a large 247g, deep-filled pie, with a slow cooked prime steak in a rich dark gravy infused with GUINNESS beer, andwrapped in Holland’s classic golden shortcrust pastry.

Produced in Lancashire for over 160 years, Holland’s is one of the UK’s best-loved pie makers; producing a range of delicious pies, puddings and pastries. For further information on the Holland’s Pie range please visit http://www.hollandspies.co.uk. Like us at facebook.com/hollandspiesofficial and follow us on Twitter @hollandspies.