Holland’s GUINNESS range drives frozen category growth


Launched in September 2014, the new Steak and GUINNESS frozenpie and pudding range – a delicious addition to the original stout infused variety in chilled – has been a roaring success with consumers and has led the company to a 3.1% increase in market share and an overall + 20.1% YOY value growth in the individual frozen pie category.

Thanks to the quality and demand of Holland’s Steak and GUINNESS, the brand hasbecome No 1 brand in category. The mouth-watering range features two-pack steak puddings and pastry topped steak pies, both ready to eat in minutes from frozen.

Widely stocked across the major multiples nationwide, Holland’s incomparable product offering has received huge compliments from its consumer market with emails of praise and congratulations for their ‘outstanding quality’ and ‘mouth-watering taste.’

Bill Smith-Coats, sales & marketing director for Holland’s, said: “The GUINNESS range has achieved strong national distribution and sales since launch and we are delighted our new products are driving category growth.  We are proud to have aligned our 164 years of traditional baking and cooking techniques with the number one stout in the world and produced an absolute winner.”

Just eight months after launch the Holland’sSteak & GUINNESS Pudding is already the sixth fastest-selling line in frozen individual pies in the UK, accounting for over 3% of total individual pie sales. The Steak & Pastry GUINNESS Topped Pie is among the top-20 fastest selling individual pies in the UK.

The Steak & GUINNESS Pudding features slow cooked prime steak, in rich gravy infused with GUINNESS stout and steamed in Holland’s unique pastry case.Holland’s wealth of knowledge and years of tradition have been used throughout the creation and cooking process to ensure the final taste is pure perfection, with the distinctive taste of GUINNESS stout.

The Steak & GUINNESS Pastry Topped Pie offers slow cooked tender prime steak in rich GUINNESS stout gravy, with carrots, parsnips, leeks and mushrooms – topped with a flaky pastry lid.

Available in frozen two-packs, these Steak & GUINNESS creations are a first-class treat. Frozen within hours of creation for sealed in freshness and locked in flavour, the range is the perfect way to enhance any busy modern lifestyle (both the pie and pudding can be microwaved in just 5 minutes from frozen). Available nationwide from all good retailers, priced at £2.50 RRP.