Holy Moly launches e-commerce platform for avocado and guacamole dips

Holy Moly (www.holymolydips.com), the revolutionary British brand that is the first to deliver the holy grail of gastronomy: perfectly ripe, all-natural and delicious ready-to-eat smashed avocado and guacamoles, has launched its own online e-commerce platform to meet surging demand for food and drink delivery services and to help Brits eat well at home.

Holy Moly’s ecommerce platform allows consumers to order Holy Moly products and have them delivered directly to homes across the UK. The website also provides a resource for culinary inspiration, featuring a portfolio of recipes and serving suggestions that can be accessed by all shoppers.

The online store retails the brand’s four SKUs: Breakfast Avocado, Original Guacamole, Spicy Guacamole and Smashed Avocado SKUS (RRP £24.99 – £38.99) alongside exclusive product bundles. The website features The Holy Moly Starter Pack (RRP £10.00) and The Avo’ficionado Box (RRP: £29.99), which combine a variety of different SKUs with official merchandise.

Holy Moly wants to ensure that Brits can continue to eat well, enjoy fresh, natural food and get all the goodness they need right now. Holy Moly’s range of products offer a mealtime solution for a nation of self-declared avocado aficionados, with Brits spending around £176 millionon the fruit each year!

Holy Moly produces its rangeby combining the best avocados with cutting edge science. The brand was the first in the UK to create fresh avocado-based products using High Pressure Processing (HPP). This all-natural process is commonly used in cold-pressed fruit juices and doesn’t use chemicals or high temperatures, preserving the taste, texture and nutrients of each avocado.

It delivers all the nutritional benefits of the avocado and is a convenient way to enjoy the fruit on a daily basis. Indeed, each tub has immune boosting properties and is a rich source of fibre, iron, potassium, vitamins B & E and monounsaturated fats, which can help protect against heart disease and lower blood pressure.

Tom Walker, Holy Moly co-founder, says: “We are excited to launch the Holy Moly e-commerce platform to enable consumers across the UK to order our range of fresh avocado products directly to their homes.

“At this time, people are increasingly looking for high quality, versatile and nourishing produce. The Holy Moly range is created using High Pressure Processing technology to preserve the taste, texture and nutrients of the avocados, so people can buy our products and keep them in the fridge for when they are ready to enjoy them.”

Holy Moly’s all-natural and ready to eat range is available in four unique editions. There are two guacamoles: Original Guacamole and Jalapeno & Red Pepper Spicy Guacamole, a 100% pure Smashed Avocado that can be enjoyed as a spread, in smoothies or as an ingredient as part of a larger dish and a Breakfast Avocado edition.

Holy Moly’s e-commerce platform is live now on the brand’s website (www.holymolydips.com) while stocks last and products can be delivered directly to consumers’ doorsteps.