Hot picks to streamline your packaging process this seasonal peak from Kite Packaging

The seasonal peak brings with it many successes and challenges for retailers online and instore alike, presenting both the opportunity for increased revenue and supply chain pressures. Sourcing reliable and environmentally-friendly packaging can often be one of the challenges preventing businesses from optimizing order fulfilment and prospering. 

Since customer satisfaction has always been our priority, it is no surprise that Kite has fast become the backbone of the growing UK e-commerce scene which first exploded during the pandemic. So, with that time of year slowly creeping up on us, it’s time to gear up and get prepared in order to meet the demand head on. 

Stocking over 2,500 products online and providing next-day delivery, Kite Packaging is the one-stop shop here to help meet all your packaging needs. Below are highlighted some of our spotlight sustainable gifting essentials to get your business through the peak.

Recently added to our catalogue, large letter postal boxes are excellent for economically packaging small e-commerce goods. Their corrugated structure grants durability and a greater degree of protection to contents held within, contrasting sharply with the little to no protection mailing bags offer.

New large letter postal boxes

These postal boxes are a highly aesthetic way of packaging your products, with the hinged lid opening to reveal an attractive display of items. Kite’s large letter postal boxes allow you to create an enjoyably unmatched unboxing experience for your customers, elevating the perception of your brand which can only lead to more sales in coming years.

Using our large letter postal boxes allows your company to accurately calculate postage costs in advance, opposed to flexible mailing bags which can have varying dimensions and prices. Our range of competitively-priced large letter postal boxes can help you cut costs this season and increase your profits. 

Available in five sizes, these boxes are ideal for items such as jewellery, cosmetics, foodstuffs, and handmade gifts to name a few. What’s more, they can be paired with any of our void fill options to secure small or delicate items that may be at risk of breaking in transit. Shredded paper is one such option which provides an effective way of filling empty space and adds further to the aesthetics of your packaging.

Zigzag paper fill is a popular gift packaging option

Our Zigzag paper fill is a popular gift packaging option, offering the possibility of incorporating colours that correspond to your brand, the items enclosed, or the occasion, whether it be Halloween, Christmas or Diwali. With Zigzag paper, the bounds for creativity are limitless, allowing you to establish a distinct brand and set yourself apart from competitors. 

The unique crinkle-cut style interlocks to create dense packing that can wrap around or cushion goods ready to face the odds of transportation. Environmentally friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable, this is the perfect void fill option for eco-conscious businesses looking to operate sustainably. Not to mention, the reusability of Zigzag paper benefits the end customer, as they can put it to use however they please, increasing the overall value they receive from your business and brand. 

Hivefill fills large amounts of space using small amounts of paper

Boasting a unique and innovative structure, Hivefill is another popular void fill option which efficiently fills large amounts of space using only small amounts of paper. With one roll of Hivefill equivalent to four bags of loose fill, this is the most economic choice available on the market. Owing its qualities largely to the hexagonal shaped cells within its structure, the paper can expand and interlock, creating air pockets. Consequently, this increases the protective properties of the packaging by preventing internal movement and offering shock absorption. Used in conjunction with the Hivefill dispenser, this product can streamline the efficiency of your packaging process, allowing you to complete more orders in a shorter space of time this peak. 

Eco- and vegan-friendly self-adhesive paper kraft tape

To finish, use our eco- and vegan-friendly self-adhesive paper kraft tape to secure your packages before posting to customers. 

Our products are sustainably sourced, recyclable, and in some cases, even reusable. With Kite, your business can operate smoothly and sustainably this peak, giving you time to sit back and enjoy the festivities.