Household cleaning brand, ACE, expands range with launch of ACE for Whites

Global household cleaning brand, ACE, has expanded its range with the introduction of ACE for Whites.

The new stain remover, which is designed specifically for white fabrics only, has one of the strongest whitening agents on the market. Over time hypo bleach can damage clothes causing yellowing and breaking down fabric fibres. ACE for Whites’ exclusive patented fabric protection system means that it can remove tough stains, whilst fabric fibres are protected wash after wash thanks to its unique technology. ACE for Whites hygienically cleans clothes, whilst also perfuming with its field flower scent.

Kevin Day, product development manager at Robinson Young, UK sole distributor for ACE for Whites, said: “ACE is committed to developing products with a point of difference that meet consumer demands. The latest Nielsen research shows that demand is moving towards two specific areas: ‘in wash’ and ‘for whites’. This is reflected in ACE’s new product line.

“Developing and expanding the ACE range offers consumers simple choice, helps build brand presence and improves sales further. We have enjoyed excellent sales results over the last twelve months, with sales volumes increasing annually by 25 per cent. Additionally, we recently gained shelf space in Morrisons for our ACE Gentle range, which is a great achievement as it is Britain’s fourth biggest grocer. Targeted plans are already in place for this year, so we look forward to further success for the brand.”

ACE for Whites has just launched in Poundland stores across the UK with an exclusive on-bottle promotion that gives consumers the chance to win a tumble dryer. Full terms and conditions can be found at Further discussions are also underway with several major retailers who are expected to stock the product in 2016.

ACE Gentle will also be getting an improved formulation this spring and will be rebranded ‘ACE for Colours’. The new improved formula is stronger on greasy food stains and keeps colours looking bright. ACE for Colours can be used on delicate fabrics such as silk, wool and even cashmere. Pricing will remain unchanged.