How business owners can get a great start with an Italian investor visa

Starting a new venture is challenging, no matter how passionate and motivated you are. Things may be even more daunting if you want to establish yourself overseas. But choosing the right destination can significantly reduce the complexities. Essentially, you must look for one with a favorable business landscape and easy immigration norms. Italy is a good option as it covers both fronts. 

Italy has broad markets for diverse products and services. The country has minimal regulations and simple tax structures for global business owners. Moreover, the investor visa eases the immigration challenges. You can apply with Bersani Law Firm&Partners to speed up the process further. Here are some valuable insights for business owners to get a great start with an Italian investor visa.

Know the process

Before going ahead with your business plans, you must know the immigration process. Luckily, the investor visa can get you in within months as it is the shortest route for Italian immigration. It entails only two steps- obtaining a nulla osta through an online process and applying for the investor visa at your local consulate. So you can get in and launch your venture sooner than you imagine. 

Assess the investment options

Although the steps for obtaining an investor visa are simple, the investment part may sound daunting. You may find it even more challenging if running on a shoestring budget because investing millions could be out of the question. Luckily, the minimum funding you can start with is €250,000 to be given to an innovative startup. You can check the other investment options as well, but they require larger funding. 

Keep the funds ready

This one is a no-brainer because you must be ready with the funds before applying for the Italian investor visa. However, you only require proof of funds in the form of bank statements during the process. The actual money comes only after you land in Italy and get your residence permit. You have to deposit it within three months of obtaining it. The other upside is that you can get your family members without additional funding. 

Plan the road ahead

Starting a business abroad requires extensive planning, and the last thing you should do is dive in without readiness. Plan a roadmap for growth after obtaining your residence permit. Although the Italian markets are rife with opportunity, you need not confine your business to them. As a resident, you can travel across the EU without a visa, so it is your chance to tap the markets in the region. You can plan for the long haul as the Italian investor visa serves as the gateway to citizenship, provided you are ready to retain your investment for a decade.

Collaborating with experts is another valuable piece of advice you must follow when it comes to immigrating to set up an Italian business. These professionals can help you with the process and guide you about the long-term stay with citizenship by naturalization. You can start a business, achieve growth objectives, and create a legacy for the next generations.