How casino gaming is impacting the gaming market

The latest reports from gaming industry experts reveal that the casino business is currently growing – at an impressive rate of more than five per cent a year.

The global casino gaming market is forecast to keep growing too – at more than five per cent annually until 2027.

Rather than challenge the business of real life casinos, it seems from the recent statistical reports that the boom in online gaming is actually helping physical casinos too.

It seems that leading online gaming sites, like Virgin Games, are introducing more players to the fun of popular casino games like roulette, slots and blackjack. Online players love the gaming action – and sometimes want to try the real-life experience too.

The land-based casinos have responded by trying new ways to attract and entertain customers. Live entertainments, good food and drink, and a friendly social atmosphere have always been a big part of the appeal of casinos.

Now they are stepping up the quality of these offerings – realising perhaps that this is where they can score against the solitary fun of most online gaming. 

Of course, there has been a revolution in online gaming. The rise of the internet and the spread of portable devices to access it have helped create a huge market for remote gaming.

More people than ever are playing casino games… on the internet. The soaring number of smartphones on the planet means that there are now billions of potential players out there.

The latest figures estimate around 84% of the world’s population owns a smartphone. They now have a portal to entering the glamorous world of casinos right there in their pocket.

The response has been the growth of the online casino market. These sites began about 25 years ago and started slowly at first.

As the proportion of people with remote access to the internet grew, so did the business of these new digital casinos. Recent figures suggest the online casino market is worth around $59 billion a year – and it’s still growing fast.

More and more entrepreneurs and investors have been rushing to join the online casino boom. It shows no sign of slowing – in fact experts believe it will grow even faster.

The competition between these gaming sites has led to a huge rise in the quality and quantity of games available to play. There have been huge investments in improving graphics, gameplay and technology.

The range of games has never been greater too, with everything available from hardcore poker to a quick fun session on the slots. And all this variety is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week on a remote device.

This accessibility has given online casinos an advantage over the more established land-based rivals. People can now play their favourite games anywhere, anytime.

You don’t have to put on a clean shirt and travel some distance to play online. But you may have to for a physical casino.

Online casinos are increasingly secure and offer easy payment systems. Nevertheless there is no doubt that some players don’t feel comfortable doing financial transactions online or giving their personal details to register at an online casino.

This is improving all the time as systems and safety get more user-friendly. The new generation of players will feel far more comfortable in an online environment than the generation that has had to adapt to a new online world.

The flexibility of online gaming means that a site can offer scores of different games and different versions of games. They can update and improve all the time.

Extra features and bonuses can be added to attract new players. Special deals and discounts can be introduced at any time to lure business away from competing sites.

And perhaps the biggest factor in the back of a lot of serious players’ minds is that it costs more to run a real physical casino than on online one. Why should that matter?

Because the increased profitability, along with the added competition, of an online casino should mean that it is able to offer better odds to its customers. It is likely that a big glossy, well-lit land-based casino costs a lot to run – that has to come from a bigger slice of the gaming stakes.

If it is true that an online casino offers more chance to win than a physical casino that could be a major advantage for the digital version in the long term. 

But don’t forget that playing games is not necessarily about making money – it’s primarily about having fun. No-one really expects to make a lot of money from gaming – they just have a silly hope that’s all.

Fun is a different matter. It’s all down to personal taste. 

Some will love the convenience and ease of a game in their pocket. The variety and range of online casinos will always be their first choice.

Others however will think of the traditions and magic of a visit to the real casino. There’s a social thrill, a mysterious glamour and an adventure in visiting a real casino.

And that’s something no online casino will ever be able to replicate. 

Which will you choose? Like tossing a coin, surely you can choose one side or the other?

If you’re just looking for fun however it’s nothing like tossing a coin. Because with this choice you always win – you get a whole load of fun regardless of whether you choose offline or online gaming.