How to empower your retail team with technology

The retail segment has come a long way during the pandemic. The initial shift towards an e-commerce model was a massive transition. While stores reopen, you cannot expect foot traffic to be as usual. Even if shoppers return, they will want retailers to go above and beyond with safety and technology. Everything boils down to empowering your employees with the right technology so that they can deliver top-notch customer experiences. The journey is challenging as you may have to start from scratch. Employee resistance to technology is another concern you may have to deal with. However, there are ways to pick value-adding solutions that make work easier for your team. Here are some tips to help. 

Automate processes

Automation can go a long way in increasing employee productivity in all domains, and it applies to retail businesses as well. You can switch to cloud-based employee scheduling to track hours and assign shifts. It becomes even more crucial in the new normal when you need to operate with fewer people on the floor. You can also automate inventory management to let your team worry less about stocks and focus more on other critical tasks. Automation technology benefits people at all levels, from ground staff to management. It also reduces the dependence on manual labor, and you can achieve more with less. 

Provide continual training

Offering new tech to your retail team is vital, but you need to ensure they are comfortable with everything they have. Continual training enables them to leverage devices, applications, and networks to their advantage. For example, you can provide them with Mac devices, but make sure they keep them running optimally. They can check here to know more about freeing space on Mac. Likewise, train them to use the applications and systems you implement to streamline management and customer servicing. Training gets you better productivity, enhances employee engagement, and reduces resistance to technology. It fuels a move towards positive workplace culture, so it is an initiative worth embracing. 

Enable sales processing everywhere

The shift towards the e-commerce model was the need of the hour initially, but customers love the convenience of online shopping. Similarly, curbside pickup remains a preferred way to shop for them. Retailers need to empower their teams with mobile point-of-sale systems. A POS solution enables your employees to process sales and accept payments anywhere, regardless of the location of customers. It is relevant in pandemic times when you need to avoid crowding and queuing in-store. Since curbside pickup and doorstep delivery is here to stay, POS solutions make a handy tool. They empower your team and take retail sales a notch higher. 

Technology has changed the way consumers shop, and retailers need to keep pace. If you fail to provide your team with the solutions they need, you cannot expect them to give their best. Their ability to deliver the best services depends on the right tools and training. Ensure that they are one step ahead, and you will not have to worry about foot traffic, services, and sales again.