Hunter & Gather flies flag for egg-free mayonnaise


Hunter & Gather champions condiments and cooking oils of an altogether more gastronomic and nutritionally ripped nature, condiments that are no long prepared to sit idly at the edge of the plate politely twiddling their thumbs (figuratively speaking!).

Maybe there was a time not so long when consumers only gave a cursory glance to what they were popping into their sarnie or salad…. but in these increasingly ‘health conscious’ times there’s no longer room for any ‘flavour enhancing’ condiment that doesn’t pull its weight.

For a little while now Hunter & Gather has been furthering the cause of flavoursome/nutritionally rampant mayos, removing any unsavoury seed oils, sugars or inflammatory fats by using mercurial avocado oil that’s positively bristling with beneficial oleic oil, folates, vitamins C,E,K & B6 and ‘better-for-you mono-saturated fats.

2018 saw the emergence of Hunter & Gather’s two most gourmet mayos yet, a smooth, lingering Garlic & Black Pepper and a feisty Chilli & Lime.

This summer sees Hunter & Gather reach out to the plant-based community with an egg-free Mayocado, (heavenly union of pea protein &avocado) which means mayonnaise is better placed than ever to seize the ‘vegan-friendly/nutrient-dense’ high ground.

According to co-founder, Amy Moring, “Making a mayo that was accessible to the plant-based community without  compromising either in terms of taste or quality of ingredients, was a challenge we were ready to accept because this is a condiment that appeals to food lovers of all ages and contrary to what some people may believe, ketchup isn’t always  the answer!”