Hunter launches new campaign with Gamers

Alhan – “Choose your Player” (Twitcher, Forager, Fisher, Hiker)
Mia – “Streaming” – Literally

Ever wondered what happens when gamers go outside? Hunter finds out in the new PLAY campaign, as influential gamers Alhan Gençay and Mia Monaghan are taken away from their screens and into the British countryside to discover a new way to PLAY. Through the unexpected and absurd, somewhere between online and IRL, Hunter explores a new perspective on “play” with an audacious sense of humour, drawing on gaming stereotypes, lexicon and nostalgia – inspired by the creativity of the Hunter PLAY family. Join the Hunter stream, power up and choose your own adventure.

Video content alight with gaming graphics and sounds explores what a digital-native experience might look like in the real world through the eyes of a gamer. Live-streaming takes us to a real-life stream. A ‘Choose Your Player’ menu serves us out of context outdoor characters like ‘Birdwatcher’, ‘Fisherman’ and ‘Forager’. A POV ‘When Gamers Go Outside’ video respawns gamers to a hike, where everyday elements become collectible in-game items. 

Hunter’s PLAY Boot and PLAY Neo Boot feature in the campaign, which are signature silhouettes made for creativity and self-expression. Lightweight and comfortable with a modern utilitarian appeal, the designs have protection and functionality at their heart to allow people to live their most productive life without limitations. PLAY Boots are made for however you choose to play.