Hunter selects UserReplay to help maximise website conversions

Hunter, the British heritage brand renowned for its iconic Original Tall boot, has selected UserReplay, the digital customer experience management experts, to help the brand improve the online customer journey, conversion and overall customer satisfaction on its e-commerce site.

UserReplay will be integrated into the global Hunter website, and will enable Hunter to truly see how customers interact online by understanding customers’ interactions. By gaining this insight, it enables the brand to identify any barriers to conversion and quickly resolve these issues, improving the overall experience for the customer.

The integration forms part of a wider company strategy for the luxury retailer to take the 160 year old brand forward. Alongside planned expansion in the footwear business and developing new opportunities in outerwear, the company identified the need to have a closer understanding of customer interactions with the brand online.

UserReplay will give Hunter the capabilities to capture and delve deeper into the customer journey in real time, therefore identifying and resolving any issues quickly. The data that can be extracted will allow Hunter to develop specific e-commerce strategies to maximise customer loyalty and improve conversion rates.

John Thompson, CEO, UserReplay, said: “The bar is set high for the experience customers expect on a luxury retailers’ site, it has to replicate the type of experience they’d receive in store. Therefore understanding interactions is paramount. By looking at a customer’s journey in more detail it enables a brand, such as Hunter, to resolve online issues and improve the website experience. This will ultimately lead to an increase in conversions.”