Hygiene awareness in home on the increase this spring, reports Vileda parent


Freudenberg Household Brands, the cleaning giant behind Vileda and Marigold, has revealed an increase in hygiene awareness and a shift in consumer behaviour as a result of the current crisis this spring.

Vileda survey’s on household hygiene/consumer demand changes found:

Frequent hand washing, keeping your distance and sneezing into the crook of your arm – careful behaviour in public is more important than ever.

However, hygiene awareness has also increased at home because of the current situation, according to research conducted by the Freudenberg brand Vileda in Europe.

Toilet, bathroom and kitchen surfaces are cleaned particularly thoroughly according to the Vileda survey. The increased need for hygiene is also reflected in purchasing behaviour.

General manager of Freudenberg UK, Emmah Littlewood said: “The spring cleaning season is traditionally the time of the year when our homes experience a more thorough clean, but this research shows it’s even more important to people this year.

“Cleaning priorities are similar across national borders: the most popular areas in household cleaning are toilet cleaning and cleaning surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen. According to the Vileda survey, hygienic floor cleaning and the hygienic cleaning of glass surfaces and mirrors – also potential breeding grounds for germs and bacteria – are much less important.”

Toilet, bathroom and kitchen are a priority

“It is often not known that the biggest breeding ground for germs and bacteria in the household is often not the toilet. It’s usually the kitchen sink or the floors,” says Dr. Julia von Grote-Pastré, head of development at Freudenberg Home and Cleaning Solutions (FHCS). After all, almost 30 percent think that hygienic cleaning of the kitchen sink is important. Only around a quarter of those surveyed attached particular importance to cleaning door handles and doors. “One reason for this is that doors are used very often,” says von Grote-Pastré.

Dr. Julia von Grote-Pastré: biggest breeding ground for
germs and bacteria in the household is often not the toilet

“Cleaning the handles every time a door is opened is more time consuming than washing your hands regularly. So, it is all the more important to wash your hands when you come into the home from outside before touching anything.” 

Cloths and gloves especially in demand

“We’ve seen an increasing demand for particular cleaning products in recent weeks”, said Emmah Littlewood, general manager at FHCS in the UK. “Microfibre cloths and gloves are currently bestsellers, especially disposable gloves, which aren’t remaining on the shelves for long.

“Among the electrical products, the demand for steam cleaners has greatly increased because of the emphasis on killing bacteria. The delivery situation is currently a constant challenge, but we are in close contact with our customers and are doing everything we can to make sure supply is as normal as possible.”

The survey showed that in Germany, just over 60 percent of the population believe that the most important thing when cleaning is hygienic cleanliness. About half think that hygiene in house cleaning has become more important in comparison to previous years, given the current situation.

The finding is even clearer in Italy: almost 80 percent think that hygienic cleanliness is the most important thing when cleaning. Almost three quarters believe that hygiene has become more important in the current circumstances.