IB Group and Vimto expand partnership


The UK’s largest confectionery distributor, the IB Group (Hancocks, World of Sweets, Bonds and Bobby’s), will become the Licence holder, exclusive distributor and product developer of some of the most iconic Vimto products in the UK market, including Vimto® Bon Bons, Vimto® Jelly Beans and Vimto® Fizzy Rippa.

These products, add significant value to our Vimto portfolio, providing us with a fantastic opportunity to build upon our existing Vimto distribution and our ability to offer a range of some of the best loved Vimto products on the market.

The IB Group’s partnership with Vimto (Nichols PLC) has been gaining momentum for over 12 months and has seen the launch of a range of exclusive confectionery NPD developed by the inhouse IB teams and distributed through the independent, grocery and wholesale channels. Our current partnership includes Vimto® Juicy Mix Ups, Vimto® Shaker Cups, Vimto® Flying Saucers and Vimto® Fizzy Mallows.

The new range additions to be developed and distributed by the IB Group from March 21 are:

Vimto® Chewy Bons: Vimto® Flavoured Chewy Bon Bons made with the secret Vimto® flavour. Made with real fruit juice and natural colours. Vegan friendly and suitable for coeliacs.  Original and Mango, Strawberry and Pineapple flavour available.

Vimto® Jelly Beans: Vimto® Flavoured Jelly Beans made with the secret Vimto® flavour. Made with real fruit juice and natural colours. Suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

Vimto® Fizzy Rippa:  Fizzy coated Vimto® Flavoured candy belt made with the secret Vimto® flavour.  Made with real fruit juice and natural colour.  Suitable for vegetarians.

At the IB Group, we will be focused on further developing the reach of these iconic Vimto lines, expanding the growth of the Vimto brand, whilst, ensuring a smooth supply transition with customers.

Helen Bradshaw Sales and Marketing Director, IB Group said “Vimto is an iconic brand, deeply loved by customers around the globe and with its unique and secret fruity flavour, it is the perfect partner for a wide variety of sweet treats. Last year we launched significant Vimto NPD including Vimto® Juicy Mix-ups, Vimto® Flying Saucers and Vimto® Fizzy Mallows and we are excited to bring our in-house product development expertise to these ranges too and our distribution channels to build on existing reach of Vimto confectionery”.

Helen Hartley, brand licensing kmanager, Vimto said: “We are delighted to further expand our partnership with the IB Group, they were the natural choice to appoint as licence holder, due to their dual expertise in product development and distribution reach”.