Shop Direct Taps IBM Cloud to enable £50m financial services personalisation programme

IBM today announced it has signed an agreement as part of a £50m personalisation programme with Shop Direct to redesign the retailer’s financial services platform that will be hosted and managed through IBM’s hybrid cloud. The new platform will provide Shop Direct customers with a wide range of innovative, personalised financial services products to help make the retailers world famous brands even more affordable to customers.

Today’s announcement extends the existing digital transformation partnership which saw IBM Cloud help Shop Direct react to shifting customer demands in a mobile connected, cloud enabled world. The 10-year, large-scale services agreement reached in 2015 moved the multi-brand digital retailer to a hybrid cloud model. The deal was a significant milestone in the deployment of enterprise cloud and extended IBM’s position as the premier global cloud platform with its secure, open enterprise cloud platform. Shop Direct can now quickly deliver new innovations to its customers and staff and continue to build its leadership as a digital retailer.

Retail customers desire a personalised and agile experience across all digital touch points, and as a result the demand for cloud computing has increased in response to this new wave of consumer. Cloud is transforming businesses like Shop Direct and providing a much more engaging and immersive customer experience.

Shop Direct financial services is one of the largest non-bank lenders in the UK and lives at the heart of its customer offering, playing a major role in differentiating Shop Direct from other retailers. The new platform will help Shop Directbuild on a clear proven and successful strategy for cloud technology which has already driven significant levels of flexibility enabling it to respond better to the market and demand to drive business growth.

Shop Direct and IBM will work together to transform the retailer’s credit offerings by providing customers with a broader set of financial services options, a more personalised experience and more options to self-serve. The project will separate the Shop Direct financial systems from the retail systems and provide a new financial platform on IBM’s hybrid cloud. The platform will help Shop Direct bring together applications and data from public and private clouds and across multiple sources so it can deliver a range of flexible credit product offers that meet customer needs, respond quickly to new offers that come into the market and launch new credit offerings faster and at better cost. The new financial platform will also enable quicker responsiveness to regulatory changes and streamline processes while reducing the cost to serve as Shop Direct will only pay for what they use.