Iceland expands exclusive TGI Fridays range with new TGI Fridays Mac & Cheese Bites


eland has extended its TGI Fridays range with a side to compete with the best of them. The TGI Fridays Mac & Cheese Bites (£2.00, 224g) are poised to add a bite-sized bundle of creamy, cheesy goodness to any meal. The new TGI Fridays Mac and Cheese Bites are available in store and online now.

It’s no secret that everything tastes better when coated in golden brown breadcrumbs and the iconic mac & cheese is no exception. Available exclusively at Iceland, the TGI Fridays Mac & Cheese Bites (£2.00, 224g) are sure to be a hit with cheese lovers across the UK.

Complete with a light crispy breading, these bites are the perfect addition to a family feast – or simply to enjoy on their own with a few dips. Whatever way shoppers choose to enjoy them, they’re sure to light up every plate.

Social media has already been abuzz with the news of the launch, with many eager shoppers expressing their excitement to get their hands on a box of the TGI Fridays Mac & Cheese Bites (£2.00, 224g).