Iceland launches meal deals including pizzas, side dishes, desserts and beer from – in time for the Euros this summer


Iceland is launching a variety of meal deals including Chicago Town and Goodfella’s pizzas, classic sides from McCain and Birds Eye, as well as deals on desserts and beer – all in time for the Euros this summer.

National team fans know all too well the stress that comes with the job of supporting them through tournament football and this summer Iceland says a big fat ‘YES’ to stress eating with its £5 meal deal, running between 2nd – 20th June.

There’s no need to choose between slices of Goodfella’s Thin Margherita (£2.50, 345g) or Goodfella’s Thin Pepperoni (£2.50, 332g) – you get them both in the deal plus much more. Choose one potato side: either the McCain Lightly Spiced Wedges (£1.50, 650g) or the McCain Firecracker Wedges (£1.50, 650g), both are included and it doesn’t stop there. Shoppers can also add either a box of Birds Eye 12 Chicken Dippers (£1.65, 220g) or Birdseye Green Cuisine 10 Veggie Fingers (£1.00, 284g) before cooling off with a tub of Carte D’or Vanilla Ice Cream (£3.50, 1L).

This £5 meal deal allows shoppers to save up to £6.65 on all of these delicious products, sure to make matchday stress that bit more bearable.

Iceland will also be running a separate £5 meal deal for the thirstier fans out there where they can pick up a pair of stuffed crust pizzas and a choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink too, saving up to £3.50.

Between 9th June – 23rd June, shoppers can grab two stuffed crust pizzas and a choice of alcoholic, or non-alcoholic, beverage to wash it down. Pick one of each or both the Chicago Town Stuffed Crust Cheese Deluxe Pizza (£2.25, 480g) and Chicago Town Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza (£2.25, 490g) and choose from the following drinks to complete the deal:

  • Budweiser Beer (£4.00, 4 x 300ml)
  • Pepsi Max (£3.00, 8 x 330ml)
  • Pepsi Max Cherry (£3.00, 8 x 330ml)
  • Pepsi Original (£4.00, 8 x 330ml)

That’s not all. Everyone will need more than enough beer for when the limbs go flying and the pints go everywhere, so why not pick up a slab of fan-favourite lager, cider, pilsner or Guiness for those extra-messy celebrations? Choose from:

  • Heineken (£10,00, 12 x 330ml)
  • Budweiser (£10,00, 12x300ml)
  • San Miguel Premium Lager (£10,00, 12x330ml pk)
  • Coors Light Beer (£10,00, 15x330ml)
  • Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime Cider (£11,50, 10x330ml)
  • Guinness Draught (£10,00, 10x440ml)
  • Stella Artois Belgium Premium Lager Beer Cans (£10,00, 10 x 440ml)
  • Fosters (£13,50, 18x440ml)
  • Carling (£13,50, 18 x440ml)
  • Carlsberg (£10,00, 18 x440ml)