Iconic Black Tower brand unveils a new fresh look


World-renowned German wine producer, Reh Kendermann, is adapting the look of its biggest wine export brand, Black Tower, to meet consumer demands.

From April, the bottles of flagship brand, Black Tower, will have a new look. The well known logo with the black and red colour combination receives a facelift and a more modern, friendly look. A clear, elegant font highlights the lightness of the new design.

Pastel colours are used as differentiators between the grape varietals, which have been integrated into the main label to be more easier visible and prominent. 

Alexander Rittlinger, managing director, states: “We have done a lot of market research and found that lighter bottle designs are more preferable to the female target group. The black top part of the bottle, a key feature of the brand’s hero sku, Fruity White, has been reduced to give the bottle a lighter appearance, in accordance with the light and easy drinking style of the wine.” 

Black Tower, the UK’s number one wine brand from Germany, has a high recognition value amongst its consumers. In order to keep this image, Reh Kendermann strives to continually keep the design of the brand up-to-date and relevant. “In these highly competitive times a wine needs to stand out on the shelf. Most purchase decisions are being made by opting for the look the customer likes. Through market research we have found that this new packaging draws their attention even more” comments Rittlinger.

The success of the brand is shown in the sales figures: In 2019, 13 million bottles of Black Tower have been sold worldwide – making it the most successful wine brand in Germany.

In the UK, the Black Tower wine range consist of six different varietals and the new packaging can be found in stores from April onwards.