Iconic dental brand helps a third of parents facing brushing battles with their kids


Following its phenomenal return last year, becoming the No2 Kids toothpaste brand on Amazon within a matter of months of relaunch, Punch & Judy, the kid’s dental health brand bursting with a heritage of more than 35 years, continues to make waves in the children’s dental category and for good reason. 

With a recent survey showing that up to 1 in 3 parents are experiencing problems getting their children to brush their teeth, something the iconic brand calls the brush time battle, it’s clear to see parents need the right support.  Worryingly, brushing teeth has been rated alongside getting kids to eat their veggies and getting them to sleep, as being the most stressful things to do with your kid. 

 With the survey in mind, Punch & Judy’s return with its great tasting flavours that kids truly want to use, has been understandably well received. “Our conversion rate is one of the highest across all Amazon categories at more than 70% which means that given the choice Mums and Dads are choosing Punch & Judy,” says Mike Bennett, Head of Consumer Healthcare at Strides.

“Kids taste things differently to adults (they have three times the tastebuds we do for a start) but many of the kids toothpastes on offer still use harsh mint tastes, which children don’t like and often results in a battle at brush time” says Mike, “Punch & Judy is offering a solution and the sales show it is working!”  

Since launch on Amazon in July 2020 the brand has rapidly attained number 2 status in the children’s toothpaste category with more than 20% share – outselling other leading brands 3:1. 

“The feedback so far has been amazing, with many parents commenting that they themselves used Punch & Judy as kids and are happy the brand is back with the flavours they loved, for their new generation”, adds Mike.

Punch & Judy’s mission is to become the number 1 children’s dental health brand. So to add more choice, they have launched two new Natural Flavoured toothpastes and a set of 4 Bamboo Toothbrushes to help Mums and Dads take care of the planet as well their children’s teeth.