imageHOLDERS partners with BetXS to unveil the world’s first fully automated retail bookmakers


imageHOLDERS, the leading company in self-service kiosk B2B IOT innovations, and Orchadia Systems Ltd have today announced integrated hardware and software applications to automate the first completely unmanned retail betting shop BetXS.

Over the past few years, there has been a large global decline in retail bookmakers in small towns, predominantly due to the multiple manual process and overhead costs for labour. So imageHOLDERS partnered with BetXS to start reversing this trend, starting with the latter’s own premises in the villages of Rathcoole, Kilbeggan and Ballivor (Ireland).

The kiosks adhere to full regulatory compliance for age verification, self- exclusion, and anti-money laundering across the shared platform. This solution is a key driver in the modernisation of the industry.

imageHODLERS collaborated with BetXS, AI Video Ltd and Orchadia Systems Ltd to find the best technology available to create kiosks that are reliable, functional, user-friendly and above all, a cost-effective solution to help revive independent and franchise retail bookmakers globally.

The automated betting shop will streamline processes by remotely controlling the doors, lights, security systems, heating and the imageHOLDERS betting kiosks. It was essential that this solution permitted full regulatory compliance and improved ledger accuracy, all the while reducing overhead costs and overcoming common issues that traditional retail bookmakers have been increasingly facing.

Traditional retail betting shops have countless moving parts and costs which, until now, were predominantly handled manually. Manual management meant that there was a large risk of human error, such as mishandled transactions or regulatory nonconformity.

imageHOLDERS designed a brand-new display mount to hold two individual 22-inch touchscreens in a single kiosk. The Dorset-based company ensured that its kiosks were not only functional but looked the part too. It added LED downlights to match the aesthetic of the environment and the marketing team assisted in providing branding for the kiosk to appeal to the user.

imageHOLDERS kiosks neatly and effectively house the high-resolution face biometric cameras, alongside essential printers, and scanners. They also accept coins and notes using proven cash handling devices to give the user ultimate flexibility.

It was crucial that the kiosks were low maintenance, due to the unmanned nature of the BetXS retail bookmakers. imageHOLDERS kiosks are designed to be easy to maintain when it comes to being emptied, re-floated, or cleaned. No maintenance tasks require high level technical expertise.

imageHOLDERS was founded in 2003 to support companies with design integration and product development of digital technologies – at the time this was primarily kiosks, plasma screens and digital print. When consumer tablets hit the market in 2012 it was then clear the market had matured and the team reimplemented the original business plan with focus on self and assisted B2B tablet-based solutions that add productivity to business. Over the past seven years, imageHOLDERS has evolved a modular system spanning from phone enclosures to 70-inch touch screens kiosk and digital signage hardware. The team tailor each order to the customers exact requirements ensuring that they get a fit for purpose solution that adds value to their business.

CEO Adrian Thompson had this to say regarding the world first, “We are extremely pleased with the results achieved in a complex and multi-faceted project. Working with Orchadia Systems to create secure, ergonomic, and modular kiosks to house the nine different peripherals we needed for the world’s first automated retail betting shop was an enjoyable challenge and I am very excited to see where this goes next.”