IMRG launches Cross-Border Trading Passport to support e-merchants with international expansion


IMRG, the industry association for UK e-retail, is pleased to announce the launch of the UK Cross-Border Trading Passport.

Supported by the UK’s leading provider of e-fulfilment logistics services, Norbert Dentressangle, the UK Cross-Border Trading Passport is an A-Z guide for prospective B2C e-retailers looking to enter the UK online market, a territory ranked by the World Bank as one of the top European destinations in which to set up and operate an online business.

The UK Cross-Border Trading Passport is the first guide in a series of Cross-Border Trading Passports. Over the next year, IMRG will be producing and maintaining guides for a variety of key territories around the globe including China, Russia, USA, Brazil, Italy and France.

Exclusively focusing on the B2C markets in their subject territories, these guides will cover the international markets of interest as highlighted by IMRG’s internationally expanding membership.

From general territory and online and mobile statistical overviews to in-depth examinations of the legal framework, regulatory environment, taxation and payments technologies, the Passports are comprehensive guide to cross-border e-trading, whether a prospective e-Retailer wishes to find out how optimise their prospective customers’ experiences or research the logistical hurdles that may arise when selling their products internationally.

When viewed as a series, the Passports present a prospective e-retailer with a tool to make effective and useful comparisons between potential territories when deciding upon a trading location. IMRG will be working with their sister associations around the globe to help update the Passports annually, and ensure the guidance and know-how in these guides is reliable and unrivalled as well as being constantly updated.

Graeme Howe, managing director of IMRG, said: “We are delighted that we can now offer members of the e-Retail community the UK Cross-Border Trading Passport, which covers all aspects of trading in the UK. It is an insightful resource that pulls on our expertise and knowledge as the industry’s online association in the UK.

“With more territory Passports in the pipeline and support from our sister associations, IMRG are happy to be leading the way in ensuring that our members have a global view of the opportunity cross-border trade provides, a subject that appears to be at the forefront of retailers’ minds.”

Mark Catley, Norbert Dentressangle’s head of development, said: “As well as being a major consumer market in its own right, the UK is one of the major gateways to mainland Europe. As the UK’s leading provider of e-fulfilment services and part of an increasingly global organisation, Norbert Dentressangle is uniquely well-placed to help international retailers tap into both of these markets.

“Many of our customers – both in the UK and Europe – are also pursuing international expansion and are talking to us about how they can replicate their established, successful operations in new territories. While this is entirely possible in terms of systems, interfaces, operational processes, warehouse design and building in flexibility for growth from Day 1, these operations also need to be adapted for different territory specifics. The IMRG’s Cross-Border Trading Passports will provide valuable information to help international retailers understand the specific trading conditions in the UK and other established and emerging e-commerce markets.”