In my opinion: retailers could benefit from ‘free online games’


Do you want your customers to be rewarded after completing a level in any game that they have downloaded on their phones? Do you want them to grab great offers and discounts from playing games? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you must be aware of the gamification strategy. With video game marketing growing at a rapid pace, retailers are now focusing on gamification strategies to promote their products and services.

As people look forward to winning rewards and prizes when they are playing games, it has become a trend to focus on fostering loyalty in order for retailers to increase their audience base. Moreover, retailers are also enhancing the user experience so that more and more people are attracted to play games and win prizes.

Changing retail industry

It has become a trend for retailers to add fun elements and sell products or services through games. It’s a win-win situation for both retailers and customers – boosting sales and further improving the shopping experience for users since they can follow the latest trends that are emerging in a market.

Retailers are looking to develop gamification strategies as experts believe that expectations from online outlets cannot be fulfilled entirely unless you are personally interacting with your customers. And, online stores are rolling out various solutions for users, giving them a chance to win exciting prizes, free delivery services, and much more. One such example is shopping outlets who are using UK bingo games to promote their products and services.

According to a recent report, approximately 90% of the retailers are deploying gamification strategies because of the high conversion rates. They are creating loyalty programmes for customers but via the gaming experience. It has also been shown that adding creativity to a marketing approach will increase a company’s ROI by a significant extent.

Benefits of online free games to retailers

Many benefits are associated with introducing online games and providing loyalty schemes for users and players. Some of the best benefits the retailers can reap include:

Increasing customer interactions

Creating a relationship with customers has become essential for all industries. If you want to increase sales and profits, you have to keep customers engaged with your products and services. And, in order to do so, you are collecting the data from users about their interests, expectations, and requirements through online forms etc.

As a retailer, when you can interact with your customers on a personal level, you will get to understand their exact requirements and expectations. As a result, you will be more adept at giving customers what they want and, in return, win consumer sentiment and loyalty.

Skill development

Businesses operating in the retail industry tend to be restricted to selling products and services. However, adopting gamification strategies can bring new technical experience and know-how into an organisation, as well as boost sales.


Promoting products and services through games can be a great winning business strategy. This is because retailers are providing entertainment for their loyal customers. Retailers can also keep users engaged by offering jackpots, rewards and event bonanzas etc.


Online games provide one of the best opportunities for retailers to engage with their customers and promote their products and services. Adopting a gamification strategy can also help improve sales and a retailer’s ROI.