Infosys unveils sales tool to help global brands accelerate growth in emerging markets


Infosys today announced the launch of TradeEdge, an insights-driven sales platform, which it claims provides visibility to global brands across the demand chain – from distributors to consumers.

The new platform delivers insights that help brands accurately sense and fulfill consumer demand while significantly improving sales and operational performance, the company said.

A cloud-based platform, TradeEdge provides brands one of the most affordable ways to expand reach in the emerging markets.

 Platform highlights:

TradeEdge has a range of innovative features that empower brands to:

• Enhance collaboration by allowing companies and distributors to exchange accurate and timely information related to sales, inventory, and products

• Expand reach by onboarding distributors rapidly in weeks rather than months, via a Cloud-based ERP system, while rolling out best practices across markets within hours

• Improve product placement and maximize return on promotions through Visual Merchandizing by providing insights into ‘share of shelf’ at a fraction of audit costs

• Reduce wastage and returns of temperature-sensitive products with an innovative solution that monitors the temperature and location of cooling units

• Enable unserved retailers to order and pay for products in a cost effective manner using basic mobile phones

• Reduce ordering costs by up to 80 percent with Suggested Orders that provides recommendations based on historical data and forecasts

• Minimize selling costs by helping the distributor sales force to prioritize store visits based on value, accelerate order acquisition and increase store coverage by up to 15%

Sanjay Purohit, senior vice president and global head – products, platforms & solutions, Infosys, said: “For global brands, the next billion consumers will come from the emerging markets. To accelerate profitable growth, brands need to know these markets better, reach customers faster and do so at lower costs. Designed from the ground up for the emerging markets, Infosys TradeEdge is already helping 10 global brands gain visibility into sales opportunities of more than $20 billion in over 70 countries.”

Andy Walter, vice president of global business services, Procter & Gamble (P&G), said: “Visibility into distributor demand is a key driver to accelerate growth in the emerging markets. P&G and Infosys co-created Distributor Connect, an end-to-end solution that helps us connect with our distributors and facilitates easy exchange of information. This has enabled us to gain significantly better visibility into our downstream supply chain, increase order fill rate and reduce non-productive inventory. We are glad to see Distributor Connect become a part of the new Infosys TradeEdge.”