InPost announces next stage of its international expansion

InPost, the European leader among eCommerce delivery platforms, has announced the next stage of its European expansion helping to consolidate its position as one of Europe’s leading eCommerce delivery platforms. The company is progressing its strategies and expansion in the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux countries following the acquisition of Mondial Relay last year.

The further integration of the Mondial Relay brand into InPost’s network will give their eCommerce partners such as Decathlon, Lidl and Zara guarantees for next-day delivery. As 2–3-day deliveries are the standard across much of the region, this will give InPost’s partners a key competitive advantage and ensure a more efficient process for the end consumer.

Furthermore, InPost has announced its intention to increase its parcel locker network with new key partnerships with companies such as WHSmith and Galp, Spain’s leading petrol station.

This expansion of the parcel locker network across the continent provides the ever-expanding eCommerce industry with an environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for their last mile deliveries. One Automated Parcel Machine (APM) saves as much CO2 emissions per day as nine trees process annually, (fifty-two kg, which is also the same as the daily commute of 44 people) as well as ultimately being more convenient for the end consumer.

Rafal Brzoska, CEO of InPost, commented: “After our successful acquisition of Mondial Relay last year, we are excited to start to realise the underlying commercial logic of the deal. InPost’s integration with Mondial Relay will systematically implement the most innovative and high-quality solutions of last mile deliveries into these new markets.

“As the world begins its transition to net-zero, we have seen our e-commerce partners taking major strides to reduce their emissions in every step of their service. InPost helps retailers to mitigate the environmental impact of the last mile and is constantly striving to increase the efficiency of deliveries.”

Michael Rouse, CEO of InPost International, added: “The explosive growth the European eCommerce industry has experienced in recent years inevitably causes a similar increase in returns. This in turn puts an extra burden on a postal system already running at capacity. InPost delivers a solution to this problem, providing an easy and accessible service for consumers, while giving retailers the assurance of speed and efficiency.”

United Kingdom

InPost has announced a new partnership with UK retailer WHSmith, a staple of British high streets. The partnership — which marks InPost’s first national indoor proposition — will see InPost Lockers deployed in WHSmith High Street stores across the UK, complementing the brand’s existing range of services on offer to customers.

This announcement follows InPost’s successful partnerships with other landlords including Westfield, Tesco and TfL – evidencing InPost’s growing presence across the UK.


Mondial Relay is a name synonymous with the French eCommerce industry and employs 1,300 people across four hubs and 26 regional agencies. The company delivered over 140 million parcels in 2021 alone.

As a result, InPost has decided to keep Mondial Relay’s core branding. However, InPost is pushing forward with the expansion of the APM network adding 100 parcel lockers in just the last 9 months. Furthermore, the company is taking steps to embed the region in InPost’s wider network increasing productivity in the system and ensuring it is available to their customers available 24/7. This will make deliveries even more convenient – shipping and pickup will take only a few seconds.

Spain and Portugal

InPost is already a recognised and respected name in Portugal and Spain and therefore, the decision has been made to rebrand Mondial Relay as InPost in these countries with the brand assuming all existing assets under the same name. Like France, Mondial Relay customers will now benefit from the APM network increasing efficiency and ease of access.

Furthermore, a new agreement with Galp, Spain’s leading petrol station network with 570 locations, further supports service expansion and launch of the parcel locker network. Parcel locker installations will begin in Spain’s main cities, such as Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia and Malaga.