Intermarché gets a handle on private label management with Trace One


French retailer, Intermarché, has teamed up with Trace One to launch a collaborative online portal designed for complete management of its private label products.

The Trace One SaaS portal allows Intermarché to manage all product processes including: tracking from initial tender to product end-of-life, selection, panel management, audits and product specification.

According to Trace One, the platform will enable the retailer to strengthen its private label offer and imporove productivity at the same time.

“Our objective is to share our information more rapidly with our suppliers and reduce the administrative load for everyone in the process,” said Thierry Cotillard, Intermarché’s director responsible for food.

With 12,500 manufacturers and more than 40,000 product specifications around the world, the e-collaborative platform will provide a eco-system for retail and was a decisive factor in Intermarché’s choice, said Trace One.

“We were particularly appreciative of the community of suppliers already connected to Trace One and of the principle of private workspaces, which allow each supplier to share exchanges with multiple retailers across Europe,” said Cotillard.

“For us, this is a guarantee of quality and speed in information exchanges with our suppliers.”

According to Trace One, more than 4,500 Intermarché food and household product references will be managed on its platform every year, improving the quality of information and the visibility on these projects; as well as saving time. As a result, Intermarché projects a significant reduction in the overall development time for its products, Trace One said.

“With about a hundred private label brands, which are increasingly popular with consumers, Intermarché is one of the principal retailers of private label products in France,” said Jérôme Malavoy, CEO and founder of Trace One. “We are delighted and proud of the confidence it has shown us in selecting our solution”.

After the initial implementation for all private label suppliers to Intermarché and its sister retail brand, Netto, three further phases are scheduled over the year: management of online product packaging development, administration of supplier tenders and  management of product quality.