International Wine Challenge seal of approval boosts industry sales, competition’s study finds

The International Wine Challenge seal of approval has been proven to increase wine sales for retailers following consumer testing in leading supermarket chains, according to a new study by the event’s organiser. Displaying IWC medal stickers on prize winning bottles not only increased wine sales by an average of 15% but also encouraged shoppers to spend a little extra to get their hands on an award-winning wine.

The IWC conducted two separate studies in Marks & Spencer and Morrison’s to test the impact of displaying its stickers on bottles on consumer behaviour.Its eye-catching Gold, Silver, Bronze and commended medal stickers were applied to over 100 types of award winning wine across the two retailers as part of the four week study.

The IWC Supermarket of the Year, Marks & Spencer, saw a 20% sales uplift of medal winning wine throughout the duration of the study, as shoppers increasingly reached for bottles bearing the prestigious wine competition’s seal of approval.

Stickers were applied to IWC medal winners from Morrisons own brand range. Not only did the retailer see an overall increase in sales of the stickered wines during the trial, but there was also strong evidence that the stickers encouraged customers to trade up to more premium wines.

Representatives from the International Wine Challenge visited stores applying appropriate medal stickers to their respective wine ranges.

To ensure the results were accurate, multiple stores were tested and compared with a series of control stores in similar location and with similar shopper demographics.

Both supermarkets typically display the IWC logo on their point of sale advertisement, however the increased sales highlighted that the eye-catching IWC medal stickers had a much more powerful impact on buying behaviour.

In addition to benefiting retailers, increased sales of IWC prize-winning wines benefit the producers by enhancing their reputation in the UK and increasing demand.