Internationalisation and open source drive growth for PrestaShop, company reports

PrestaShop, an industry leader in open source solutions for e-commerce, said it is pursuing internationalisation and strengthening its positioning in the open source software market.

PrestaShop currently operates in France and the US and continues to grow throughout Europe, where it reports it has already experienced success. A March fundraising round helped speed up product development and international expansion.

PrestaShop claims it has one of the world’s largest open source e-commerce communities, whose 700,000 members make improvements that enrich the platform every day.

PrestaShop said its uniqueness also lies in its Freemium model. The company was able to bring this model to the business market. With its free solution that is available for download, PrestaShop said it offers endless opportunities to help merchants succeed. The company has teamed up with more than 80 industry leading partners, such as PayPal and OVH, and offers 3,500 modules for payments, logistics, sales promotions, and more, all aimed at improving a store’s features.

PrestaShop CEO Benjamin Teszner and founder Bruno Lévêque aim to lead the way to e-commerce market growth. The company publishes an open source e-commerce software that allows merchants to easily create online stores anywhere in the world for a low cost, PrestaShop claims. The company said its mission is to push the limits of e-commerce, making it accessible to everyone by committing itself to its two main principles: that the software is free and open source.

“We believe in e-commerce and in the endless possibilities it can offer,” said Lévêque. “We believe that the democratisation of ecommerce is extremely important. From the beginning, our work has been about helping merchants succeed. Thanks to the new talent joining us, and to our increasingly strong international presence, we’ll be able to help more merchants and offer them the solutions they need.”

PrestaShop software has been downloaded more than 4m times worldwide. The solution, which is powering more than 200,000 online stores and is used in more than 163 countries in 65 languages, allows merchants to set up an e-commerce site very easily, and at no cost.

“Our mission is to help merchants grow thanks to the benefits of the Freemium model, the elimination of technical constraints and the ability to expand into different markets,” said Teszner.

“E-commerce merchants are facing cross-channel, internationalisation, marketplace and logistical challenges. We work alongside our community to help merchants respond to these challenges and help ecommerce evolve. And we will soon be announcing major improvements that will make things even easier for merchants.”

On 17 March 2014, PrestaShop released version 1.6 of its software, which incorporates a real-time dashboard, a completely redesigned and responsive front and back office, and best practices for online conversion rates.

Version 1.6 of PrestaShop is reported to have now been downloaded more than 500,000 times.