Internet payment solution provider offers online retailers five top tips

Prins: helping boost online sales

Prins: helping boost online sales

As retailers everywhere get ready for the busy Christmas season, Roelant Prins, Adyen CCO, reveals several simple ways retailers can boost online sales 

1.  Send customers a personalised reminder

Has someone been looking at a red blouse on your web store? Send them an email a day later with a link to a payment page where the blouse is presented and they will only need to provide their payment details. It’s probably the nudge they’re waiting for to treat themselves.

2.  Adapt to mobile

A recent Deloitte Annual Holiday survey revealed one in four shoppers will use a smart phone when shopping this Christmas. More and more browsing is taking place on mobile. With many people writing up their Christmas gift lists, there is no better time to introduce them to your mobile shopping and payment channel. There are already many retailers out there selling successfully on mobile, and it is not difficult to develop an app or web page optimised to do just this.

3.  Embrace social media

Make Christmas shopping a little less frantic and easier on the wallet for potential customers by introducing deals via tweets. Product specific tweets with a URL to a page where they can instantly complete the transaction and attractive deals with limited validity, available only via tweets, can be built into a great viral campaign. A report by Oracle found 48% of consumers use their mobile devices to look up product ratings or find promotions, so why not embrace the opportunity to make your great deals easier to find.

4.  Always have a back-up payment plan

Banks processing credit card and other payment methods are occasionally prone to unexpected downtime so it’s important to set up at least two different solutions to process the payment methods. No customer enjoys parting with their money; so don’t make the process any more painful than it already is.

5.  Simplify your payments

The Christmas season is typically a very busy time for people, so, where you can, make it as easy as possible. If your customers are shopping online there’s a good chance they are limited on time so it is important to make the payment process a quick and efficient experience. This will give you an advantage over competitors whose payment pages require you to put in your details for every single purchase which any customer would find extremely tiresome.