IRI partners with Capture to help supermarkets track effectiveness of in-store marketing


A new technology partnership is about to provide unprecedented insights into the relationship between shoppers, retailers and brands in supermarkets up and down the country.

IRI, a leading market insight provider, has partnered with Capture to roll-out a measurement method that will allow supermarkets and brands to track the nationwide effectiveness of their in-store marketing material accurately for the first time.

The deal will see the two organisations invest £750,000 over the next two years to develop a deep understanding of UK shoppers, looking at how in-store marketing affects shopping behaviour, providing insights that could guide future developments on how brands and retailers use in-store advertising.

Retailers such as Asda and Sainsbury’s are acutely aware of the importance of the ’in-store experience’ as a means to driving sales and loyalty in the face of the growth of online retailing. This deal promises to provide valuable new insights about in-store behaviour that can inform both their relationship with their customers, but also their brands who increasingly invest in advertising, signage and POS with their stockists.

Capture is run by former dunnhumby executives and this new capability has been borne out of eight years experience of working with brands such as Kelloggs, McCain and Warburtons.

Joel Hopwood, co-founder at Capture, said: “Even in this digital age, so many purchase decisions are still made in what we call ‘the final four feet’ in-store. As such, in-store marketing and promotional material plays a huge part in the decision-making process and is not the crude, intrusive sales tool it is sometimes mistaken as. It’s just that effectiveness of this activity has never been measured on a mass scale, which has been a frustration for the entire sector and something we hope this will put right.

“This solution, in partnership with IRI, will allow both retailers and brands to measure the impact of in-store marketing against a data model we have developed over the past eight years. We expect the results will enable brands to better understand the impact of their marketing budgets in-store and make decisions on how & where to advertise to improve the in-store experience for shoppers.”

Paul Goodwin, analytic consultant at IRI , said: “UK shoppers are bombarded with so many messages in the average supermarket that the industry has always struggled to develop a method that measures individual campaign effectiveness. This capability allows us to develop even greater understanding of UK shopping behaviour. Ultimately it is about the customer experience. If we can maximize the average shopper’s in-store experience at a time when technology is slowly transforming how and when people purchase goods, then retailers and brands only stand to benefit from this. “