Irish bread brand, BFree, is certified Kosher, debuts in US and Gourmet Burger Kitchen

BFree: Kosher certification and new listings

BFree: Kosher certification and new listings

BFree, one of Ireland’s most pioneering, health conscious bakery brands that offers ‘real bread’ to those with wheat and gluten intolerances, has announced two key brand moves for the final quarter of 2013.

Its product, already nut, egg, dairy wheat and gluten free and vegetarian, has officially been certified Kosher and as such will carry the official logo on all future packaging. 

The brand also announced it is now being stocked in the US. With over 3m people in the US diagnosed with celiac disease and up to an estimated 10% of the population suffering gluten sensitivity to some extent, the market potential for BFree is huge.  

Furthermore, the brand has also announced the Gourmet Burger Kitchen has launched BFree burger buns in its 60 outlets across the UK. The buns are wheat, gluten and dairy free. 

All three moves are testament to the fact the brand, which only launched in 2011 is growing fast within the market and earning the respect of suppliers and consumers due to their high quality products.

Alex Murphy, general manager of BFree, said: “We are really excited with our recent expansion plans in both entering new global markets and being part of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen, but also through new product developments such as bagels and burger buns.

“As consumer demand grows for wheat and gluten free products this is the ideal time for us to be reaching out to consumers and offering them a ‘real bread’ taste alternative. In recent taste tests, the Multigrain Wraps have shown they offer the same, if not better taste, than other wraps on the market.

“Gaining certification as Kosher is also an important move for us, as a free from brand we understand the importance of transparency within food packaging and the specific limitations that control many people’s diets, our Kosher certification will allow the global Jewish community to enjoy our product with assurance.”

Since launching a little more than 12 months ago, the BFree brand has enjoyed outstanding success in Ireland and the UK and expects the US market to be equally receptive as demand for ‘free from’ products is predicted to grow and grow.