Island Light brings taste of the Caribbean to the UK

Island Light is bringing a taste of the Caribbean to the UK market with the launch of its cream-based rum cocktail.

Island Light is an upcoming small independent business based in Leeds that produces homemade rum creams, also known as ‘Kremas’. Kremas is a cream based cocktail that originates from Haiti. Developed by 24 year old Stanika Lightbourne, who was born and raised on Turks and Caicos Islands, and influenced by the culture of her Haitian mother.

Island Light rums creams are authentic, refreshing, tropical and really bring the Caribbean flavours home.

Lightbourne comments: “Growing up in Turks and Caicos Island, Christianity was the anchor and Haitian kremas were the only acceptable alcohol-laced beverage allowed during the holidays. So this cocktail is extremely exciting for me to bring to the UK. It includes the Haitian traditions, customs and of course, all the party vibes.

“I felt homesick when I couldn’t return home to see my family during lockdown, and as a Business Student at the University of Huddersfield, I applied my knowledge to create a mini business from home. I used skills I developed in production, marketing and manufacturing.” 

Island Light rum creams are made with the highest quality real fruit, and hand-made in small batches from Stanika’s home. 

Island Light comes in two bottled flavours – Coconut Rum Cream and Passion Fruit Rum Cream, with vegan options also available. As well as bottles, pouches are also available, which are ideal with festivals, freedom parties or on-the-go travels. The bottles are £23 and the pouches are £8 – all available to purchase at