Islands Chocolate launches range of Buttons to meet demand for home cooking products


Islands Chocolate (, the independent, pioneering seed-to-bar craft chocolate company with a mission to become the world’s first fully transparent and sustainable chocolate brand, is launching a range of Buttons to meet surging consumer demand for home cooking products.

The launch of the range is central to the business’ strategy to secure national retail partners. To date, Islands Chocolate has only been available via its website and in iconic and Michelin Star restaurants. From Chiltern Firehouse to Gleneagles and the kitchens of Marcus Wearing, Claude Bosi and Sat Bains, the brand is championed by world-class chefs for its complex, rich flavour profile and artisan values.

Islands Chocolate’s Buttons are available in five varieties and have been carefully developed with the help and advice of several renowned Michelin star chefs. Delicious straight from the bag, they are also perfect for cooking, enabling the brand to meet surging demand for home cooking post Covid-19. Indeed, the average household in the UK now spends seven hours a week cooking meals and more than a fifth of people now cook every meal from scratch1.

Wilf Marriott from Islands Chocolate says: “The Islands Chocolate’s Buttons range will meet burgeoning consumer demand for high quality and innovative home cooking products and will support the business in expanding its distribution with retail partners in 2020 and beyond.

“The Islands Chocolate Buttons are ideal to enjoy straight from the bag, but are also the perfect ingredient for cooking and are ideal to keep at home for culinary creations.”

Islands Chocolate are true visionaries in the craft chocolate movement, with seed-to-bar companies representing just 0.01% of the chocolate market share. This means the team are both farmers and chocolatiers. They go far beyond the bean-to-bar ethos (currently representing five percent market share). Every step, from planting the cacao seed through to making the chocolate, is within the company’s control and fully traceable to guarantee reliable quality and ethical practices.

The Buttons join Islands Chocolate’s wider range, which includes a signature collection of four unique bars. Every product in the range is a true celebration of the fruity characteristics of Caribbean cacao; beautifully balanced to promote a whole host of flavours.