Isotonic drink, iPro Sport, makes UK debut in convenience stores and supermarkets

Retail launch for iPro isotonic drink

Retail launch for iPro Sport isotonic drink

Isotonic drink, iPro Sport, is making its debut in UK convenience stores and supermarkets.

Available almost exclusively to sport’s elite up until this point in time, the company behind iPro Sport has just signed a deal with Central England Co-Operative to become the first retailer to distribute the drink, thus finally making it available to the public.

iPro Sport positions itself as the healthy choice. Whereas a number of competitors use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame (an ingredient that accounts for over 75% of the adverse reactions to food additives reported to the FDA), it does not contain either artificial sweeteners or colouring, the company reports.

The isotonic drink is said to be  loaded with vitamins that have great health benefits: the vitamin C content is 200% of an adult’s reference intake, the B12 content is measured at 188% and the drink contains 54% of the recommended daily intake of B6.

Following the purchase of Derby County’s stadium rights in 2013, the brand has created considerable hype in the region. Since then, iPro Sport has continued to make football a target and have established deals that position the brand as the official hydration partner to almost 75% of clubs in the Football League; top Rugby Union sides like London Irish and with Team Raleigh cycling.

The frustrating part for the public thus far has been that it has solely been available to professional athletes unless purchased online, but Central England Co-operative has decided to give the active public the chance to try iPro Sport; while allowing the innovators behind the brand to bring luminaries from the world of football into its stores to promote the drink directly to its customers in the months ahead.

Leo Skagerlind, managing director of iPro, said: “We are extremely excited to finally make our product available to the general public through a major retailer that has over ½ a million customers a week. Our drink affords a healthy choice for those serious about their exercise and is much needed in the industry. The fact that Central England Co-operative is both a forward looking and ethical retailer matches our company ethos perfectly as we are strong supporters of doing things the right way at iPro Sport.

“We have carefully selected the ingredients, and steered well clear of products such as aspartame and other harmful artificial sweeteners and colourings. By adding substantial amounts of vitamins, we are offering a drink that contributes positively to training beyond simply replacing the fluids and electrolytes lost during exercise.

“One of our key ingredients, Stevia, also allows the drink to sustain its sweetness without shooting sugar levels through the roof, making the drink suitable for active kids as well.”

iPro Sport is available in three flavours: ‘Berry Mix’, ‘Citrus Blend’ and ‘Orange &Pineapple’. iPro Sport is available in three flavours: ‘Berry Mix’, ‘Citrus Blend’ and ‘Orange &Pineapple’ The drinks as single bottles will be sold at MRP: £1.29.